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Thread: Funstuf Spiderman web shooter

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    Funstuf Spiderman web shooter

    I remember having this toy back in the 70s. It attached to your wrist and shot a suction cup tipped dart with string. I used to attach it to my Megp Spiderman so he could really shoot his web! I could have swore that I also had one that was Batman and it was for shooting the bat-rope. I can only find info about the Spiderman one. I tried Plaid Stallions, but I cannot figure out how to look up info on it because if I click on a subject it just shows articles that mention that item. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I remember them I didn't have Spider-Man one though I had a Captain America one,red with light blue strap and the launch button was the cap shield logo and a vinyl triangle on the dart I used to love that toy.

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    There was definitely a Batman version called a Batman Shooting Grappler. It had very different packaging from the Spidey, Hulk and Cap versions made by AHI rather than Funstuf. .The darts have little hooks on them.

    When I started collecting, I knew I wanted to replace my Spidey Web Shooter. I was lucky to score two Spideys a Cap and a Hulk before the prices went crazy. I don't think I've ever even seen the Bat version in real life.
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    I have never seen that Batman grapple in the package before, just drawings in the Heroes World ads. The Batman is a lift of art by Ernie Chua/Chan, and they used the Golden Age Batman logo!

    It's interesting that Batman never really used a launching grapple much before he had the "harpoon" gun in Dark Knight Returns, which inspired Michael Keaton's grapple gun in the films, and then BTAS and so on.


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