This month is going to be a little of a challenge. With obscure movies that I had never watched before means I am going to be watching them before Saturday's premier.

The Thing That Wouldn't Die
Somebody last weekend said that the head looks like the main character for The Devil Doll so I am going to use that as the base. There are several outdoor scenes so I may be able to take advantage of my big yard for the photoshoot.

Mystery of the Wax Museum
The base figure I am going to use will be the new Mego Mr. Hyde/ He wears the same outfits jst need to change the skin and make him uglier

Shadow of the Cat
Shadow of the Cat poster 1.jpg
This one I am not sure about. I bought a bag of cats that fit in with Mego so that is done, just not sure what else to make to complete the scene...

The Beast Must Die
I can use my own Pete Cushing & Jumangi Wolf but I want to make Tom Newcliffe (Calvin Lockhart) since he is the main character. Any ideas?