Russell Wilson, Super Bowl XLVIII champion quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, now enshrined in my Mego collection. As a lifelong Seahawks fan, Wilson really is a hero, on and off the field, to us 12s. I created the figure without a template. The only existent Mego football figure is Joe Namath was not helpful because he wears an old-style uniform and they didn't even fit the pads under the jersey. Wilson's pads and uniform are modern and so they needed a fresh approach. As pictured, I cut some thin, dense foam pads for his shoulders and legs, then fit a jersey and leggings to go over them. The helmet is a gumball-machine-type toy I bought online. I have no way of creating a custom head to make an identical likeness of Wilson, but the stock African American head is attractive and so it will suffice for me. Let me know what you all think! This was a LOT of fun to make.