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Thread: Last hurdle passed!

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    Last hurdle passed!

    Yearly post. Yesterday was officially my last day of work until next Tuesday. This year has featured one of my least favorite words: change. Several times I wondered if I'd be able to swing this financially this year. Two weeks ago, with my father passing, I could barely comprehend I'd be getting on a plane tomorrow. Getting through the last few work days have been agonizing on a new level. But finally, here we are and it couldn't have come at a better time. I can finally have a few days of being around friends in the best possible environment. Of course, it would be nice to pick up something special as has been the custom the last few years, but that's always of secondary importance. Never more so than this year. Look forward to seeing everyone!

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    I can sympathize Mike, we went through the same thing in 2013 with My Dad, BUT much like My Dad he mad sure to look over us and made sure we were able to go I'm sure your Father did the same looking out for you, Glad Everything worked out Mike!!! Safe travels and See you in Columbus!

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