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Thread: New Big Jim Book

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    Sep 25, 2005
    Talk about fast shipping! I already received this book and it's an absolute treat to hold in person. This treatment is EXACTLY what I felt Big Jim always deserved. Such a long and illustrious run and this book really captures it.

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    Oct 3, 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by RonnyG View Post
    If you want to read the text, I believe there are apps out there that can help you translate a page of text. I remember once I found a magazine article and I scanned it, and there was some website ( I forgot the name) I uploaded it, and it recognized the characters, and typed it up for me automatically. It was free to use. Maybe someone can remember the name of the website. You can scan it or maybe take a picture of it, and use google translate to make it in english.
    UPDATE: I think it's called OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
    Google Translate. A coworker introduced me to it. Put the App on your phone and any language your phones camera sees will be translated to English on your phones view screen. Yeah Technology!
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