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Thread: ******Megomuseum is proud to announce the creation of the Customego Hall of Fame*****

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    Figure ******Megomuseum is proud to announce the creation of the Customego Hall of Fame*****

    (as seen in the January 19th issue of the Mego Museum Newsletter) is proud to announce the creation of the Mego Museum Customego Hall of Fame.

    Since its inception in 1997 has featured thousands of Customegos created by hundreds of Mego customizers. Armed with leftover parts, acrylic paints, Sculpey, and the mission to “fill in the gaps” in the lines Mego made legendary, customizers have played a vital role in the hobby reaching its enormous popularity and are the inspiration for the Re-Mego Renaissance we are experiencing today!

    The Mego Museum seeks to recognize and honor these legendary customizers AND customs of the hobby. And, without further adieu we present the inaugural Customego Hall of Fame class of 2018:

    Charlee Flatt Recognized as the “Godfather” of Customego, Charlee took customizing to new heights and is considered the benchmark for all customizers who have followed. His attention to detail is second-to-none and his work brought the hobby to the mainstream, appearing on the covers of numerous magazines and inspired Twisted Mego Theater and Robot Chicken. We inaugurate Customego Customizer Charlee Flatt.

    Matt Jaycox An original contributor to the Customs page, Matt is famous for including complete recipes and tutorials for every custom he made. His “Custom Answer Man” columns aided and influenced every would-be customizer who read them while his dedication to creating every obscure movie monster in Customego form is admired by all. We inaugurate Customego Customizer Matt Jaycox.

    Scott Metzger Also an original contributor to the Customs page, Scott's breadth of customs is epic: Marvel, DC, He-Man, GI Joe, Micronauts, and the list goes on and on. His group displays are legendary and if you've ever seen pictures they are images you will not soon forget. We inaugurate Customego Customizer Scott Metzger.

    Paul Clarke There is arguably no single person more essential to the hobby than Paul aka Dr. Mego. If you can find us a customizer who has never used a Dr. Mego repro boot or glove or head or body or accessory produced by the good Doc, we would be amazed. He has successfully helped bring to market reproductions (and new characters) of the Mego Star Trek, Planet of the Apes, and DC and Marvel World's Greatest Super Heroes lines. We inaugurate Customego Contributor Paul “Dr. Mego” Clarke.

    Mike Haspiel Mike is considered one of the top Megoesque customizers of all-time. He had a way of looking at a Paco Lucha Wrestling figure and seeing a custom Bane. He was that creative. And, his body of work was considerable. Sadly, Mike left us far too soon succumbing to complications from diabetes in 2005. We inaugurate Customego Customizer Mike Haspiel in Memoriam.

    Firestorm by Dave McCormick and Paul Evans Dave and Paul spearheaded this collaborative effort to make the Nuclear Man and fill a void in the World's Greatest Super Heroes line. So popular was this figure that a production run of ten were made. It is considered by many to be the most Megoesque WGSH custom ever produced. We inaugurate the Customego Firestorm.

    The Headless Horseman by David Lee Dave's version of the classic Washington Irving character is complete with pumpkin head and Daredevil his mighty steed. A custom worthy of inclusion in the World's Greatest Monsters line. We inaugurate the Customego Headless Horseman.

    Santa Claus by Derek Combs No better, nor more Megoesque representation of jolly ole Saint Nick exists in action figure form. Complete with Christmas tree, presents, and a bottle of Coca Cola Derek's Santa Claus is guaranteed to bring smiles to all who see it. We inaugurate the Customego Santa Claus.

    Omega Man by Martin Cage A magical Customego representation of Neville and Matthias as from the cult classic starring Charlton Heston and Anthony Zerbe. These figures combine attention to detail with that Mego feel into customs figures of characters we've all craved to have since we were first saw the film as kids. We inaugurate the Customego set of Omega Man.

    The inductees will be honored with a special internet presence at showcasing the customs and customizers enshrined.

    In addition, a special induction ceremony and dinner is planned for all honorees at the 2018 Mego Meet (site yet to be determined).

    Honorees were chosen by the panel of Austin Hough, Brian Heiler, Steve Moore, and Scott Arendsen.

    The goal of the Mego Museum Customego Hall of Fame is to honor customizers and customs that have made an undeniable impact on the Mego customizing hobby. Inductees will be chosen by the Customego Hall of Fame panel on an annual basis and announced at the beginning of each year henceforth with a ceremony and dinner at that year's Mego Meet and inclusion in the online Customego Hall of Fame.

    Please join the Mego Museum in welcoming the inaugural class of Mego customizers and customs into the Mego Museum Customego Hall of Fame!
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    Awesome. Well deserved by all.

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    I am very honored, and even more so by being included with these legends. I've had the pleasure of meeting Charlee back in the days of the FX Collectibles show in Orlando; he's as great a guy as he is a customizer, with an excitement and enthusiasm for what he does that's infectious. I've had the honor of meeting Paul, as well, and have long lauded him as the patron saint of Mego; I can think of few who had a bigger role in keeping interest in the line and adding to it alive for so long. While I never had the pleasure of meeting Matt in person, we shared many a conversation over the web about his amazing work, and his recipes were always full of clever ideas for me to pilfer. Sadly, I don't recall ever communicating with Mike, something I greatly regret as his work floors me to this day. And the figures chosen above show what talented people we have in this community, taking toys and making them art. These folks definitely deserve this recognition; this is a great idea on the Museum's part, and I hope it inspires the next generation of customizers as these folks always inspired me.

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    Most excellent! These guys are legends. Yet there are so many more I can see join this group.

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    What a great idea, and long over due!
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    Austin, thank you very much for this great addition to Mego Meet. It was a great deal of love to do this. Hat's off to you bro.

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    Sep 12, 2007
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    This was truly magical and brought great people back to Mego Meet. Austin put in a ton of work and it really paid off. Thank you Austin and thank you to all the great customizers for inspiring me and everyone else.

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    Big congrats to all the HoFers!!!

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