Greetings fellow tri state MEGO fanatics!

I am currently hard at work on my LEGENDS OF GOTHAM CITY custom toys display for MEGO MEET '16, and I am in dire need of a favor:

You see, my display is turning out rather large and elaborate, and I've decided that it would just be too risky to try to pack that stuff into the baggage hold of an airplane and hope it arrives in Skokie undamaged for the show.

So I am hoping to hitch a round-trip ride with one of you generous East Coast members who are planning to drive to Skokie, and have plenty for room for me and all my display stuff in the trunk and back seat of your vehicle. If you have a van, mini van or 4x4, even better!

I am more than happy to pay for ALL TOLLS, and GASOLINE for the entire round trip! I will even sweeten the pot by picking up the check for any meal pit stops we make on the road!!