Les Mondes Engloutis, The engulfed worlds/ or as translated for the show: Spartakus and The Sun beneath The Sea.
created by: Nina Wolmark for french television that ran from 1985-1987 , it also ran on nickelodeon and various networks in latin america for even longer.
The ship's name was named Tehrig because it's real name was Sh*g-Sh*g so ... um... yeah they changed it. ( editing here JUST in case )
So I may be alone in my love for this surreal silly show with that annoying bic and bac song played every episode ( like the Pirates led by Nasty Max ) but it wasnt grating since I watched once a week
and loved it. Still Spartakus held a place in my heart. I loved it in French and in Spanish. Dunno why they never called him Sparacus, with a C.


these were tricky yet easy o make. FTC and Mego bodies, clothes, the stuff I made was the headress, her cape and his iconic poncho.
See, I had to try to recreate what the cartoon did.
Poncho allowed a feature for a few eps that had Spartakus use it as a cover for the desert sands. He was a gladiator with a mythical metal bracelet that fired projectiles and
was super handy.

now Arkana's headress was rough, I went through 5 different tests and all failed till I used a PVC plank, bout 1/8 of an inch and boiled it after cutting it with my scroll saw.
I added a harness in the back hand sewn like her cape with my trusty blind stitch and wham, Arkana Shagma. She's bald on the show but the hair looked so nice I left it.


I didnt make Matt or his sister because making that requires a sewing machine or to print clothes out and frankly I like Spartakus and Arkana Shagma from Arkadia( Shagma ). the names get confusing, I'm, weird, old and have focus problems XD