If you have ever wondered, hmm maybe I can get one of those mattel MOTU 7" revelation/eternia /masterverse/ bodies for customs... well... they are the size of a mego hulk.
the heads sadly are WAY too small BUT they look cool and being a fan of castlevania , I made this

Simon Belmont from the OG game. yeah I know, the famicom one has red hair and the game has brown hair, white the cover art was blonde... This was easier.
wish I had a larger head for him, but I am not paying 30 usd for larger head.... then again I COULD sculpt one.... but I am tied up atm.

the whip has a wire from, wait for it... surgical mask.... the black ties at the boots? YES surgical masks....
recycle kids!

now why didnt I just stick with him as heman? because he was around 50 usd and Im cheap.
soooo I managed to do this instead...


so this one was Thor Marvel Masterpiece 9", I made the belt and Vambraces, the sword is from the Savage heman from above , now a Belmont,
boots have eva foam for sturdyness, same as belt and vambraces, and red accesories in armor. The hair was a sculpted wig which you can remove so Heman can have a ponytail if he likes.

like so


I post in my deviant art because I was having issues posting here. sadly I have zero people who like mego to talk to and figured ( PUNS! ) I could post here.
also yes I made a Teela! The original Teela who was shown as the goddess. I am a fan of the Alfredo Alcala MOTU verse. The man had a brilliant series called Voltar from 1963. so why not make Voltar of I pretty much have the helmet and all I need do is ad a cape and horse? well... um... good question, then I wouldnt have a Heman now would I? and Teela would be sad. oh yeah the armor was made of Vynil used for road signs. I made so many things with that. again I dont like throwing things away, because I can make stuff with them.

God bless.