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  • sprytel
    Talkative Member
    • Jun 26, 2009
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    We were just talking about the possibility of a Mego figure, monitor_ep just posted his cool custom... and then bam... look what just got announced:

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  • CrimsonGhost
    Often invisible
    • Jul 18, 2002
    • 3570

    I’m certainly going to buy one! Or two!
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    • monitor_ep
      Talkative Member
      • May 11, 2013
      • 7411

      Oh I am getting at least 2 of this one. Its a shame there not going to be her till next year (March 2022). I just happy to have her red couch ready for the figure, I guess I should make a shelf for Mistress Of The Dark studio soon.

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      • Confessional
        Maker & Whatnot
        • Aug 8, 2012
        • 3411

        Supercool!… and we so need Vampira too!


        • powersthatbe
          Persistent Member
          • Sep 27, 2010
          • 1962

          Earlier I thought this was a regular 7 inch figure. A clothed one is even better) And pre-orders are up at BBTS now.
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          • LonnieFisher
            Eloquent Member
            • Jan 19, 2008
            • 10830

            Damn, I wish I could afford one...


            • Goblin19
              Talkative Member
              • May 2, 2002
              • 6109

              I got their email and thought, finally. Definite purchase for me.


              • ToyTalk
                Career Member
                • Mar 25, 2020
                • 574

                Originally posted by LonnieFisher
                Damn, I wish I could afford one...
                Thanks for the heads-up folks. I just pre-ordered mine and an extra one for Lonnie. I'll hit you up for your address when it comes in.
                Looking for FTC figures from 5-10 years ago


                • thunderbolt
                  Hi Ernie!!!
                  • Feb 15, 2004
                  • 34211

                  Originally posted by LonnieFisher
                  Damn, I wish I could afford one...
                  Its the cost of one week of Topps exclusives, not that bad.
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                  • LonnieFisher
                    Eloquent Member
                    • Jan 19, 2008
                    • 10830

                    Originally posted by thunderbolt
                    Its the cost of one week of Topps exclusives, not that bad.
                    Well, I also can't afford to buy Topps figures every week. I love the Topps deal, but also always hope they offer figures I don't want. I've had to sell stuff to afford the one's I've bought.


                    • Earth 2 Chris
                      Verbose Member
                      • Mar 7, 2004
                      • 32526

                      At last! This has to be one of the most in-demand 8" figures ever. Looks great too.



                      • SeattleEd
                        SynthoRes Transmigrator
                        • Oct 24, 2007
                        • 4350

                        Sweet! BBT has them too. Just pre ordered.


                        • LonnieFisher
                          Eloquent Member
                          • Jan 19, 2008
                          • 10830

                          I really love the winking face.


                          • MIB41
                            Eloquent Member
                            • Sep 25, 2005
                            • 15631

                            That is a wishing grail piece come to life. I'll have that one for sure.


                            • Liu Bei
                              • Mar 31, 2018
                              • 755

                              Just came here to post about this. Got my preorder in from BBTS.

                              I love Mego, and almost always prefer Mego's figures to NECA's, but in this case I am glad NECA got Elvira. Mego would not have done the custom bust/rack that NECA did for Elvira, the face sculpt would have been off, and they would've finished it off with that horrible doll hair.

                              If the final version looks as good as this prototype does, it may be among the very best figures NECA has ever done. It really does look that good.