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NECA Friday the 13th Retro Prototype Pictures

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  • Starroid Raiders Dagon
    Persistent Member
    • Apr 28, 2013
    • 2162

    NECA Friday the 13th Retro Prototype Pictures

    From FIGURES.COM and really happy with the coverage they have been giving the ReMego movement.
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    By JeffSaylor
    Editor at FIGURESdotCOM

    NECA celebrates today's superstitious date with two new Friday the 13th movie figure reveals: Mrs. Pamela Voorhees and her younger, unmasked son Jason Voorhees. Both characters appeared in the original 1980 Friday the 13th film; Mrs. Voorhees being the actual killer, while young Jason is shown emerging from Camp Crystal Lake at the movie's end. It appears that both figures will be in NECA's retro Mego-style format. More details to be announced...

    FIGURESdotCOM NECA Friday the 13th.jpg
    FIGURESdotCOM NECA Friday the 13th_2.PNG
  • alex
    Permanent Member
    • Jun 15, 2009
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    Looks good to me , wonder if this will be a double pack?


    • thunderbolt
      Hi Ernie!!!
      • Feb 15, 2004
      • 34211

      cool, that should mean a new body type from them for little Jason.
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      • Gorn Captain
        Invincible Ironing Man
        • Feb 28, 2008
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        Didn't see these coming. Not bad.
        I think they'll be a boxed double pack, like the Interstellar figures.
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        • Starroid Raiders Dagon
          Persistent Member
          • Apr 28, 2013
          • 2162

          I did see that they have the Home Alone crew planned which would mean a child-sized Kevin figure, so the new body must be in the works?


          • MIB41
            Eloquent Member
            • Sep 25, 2005
            • 15631

            Wow. Those are really good sculpts!


            • lilbrosj66
              Persistent Member
              • Jul 4, 2011
              • 1594

              Her head looks pretty much dead-on they way I remember her looking! Even those jowls!


              • firestarcomics
                Museum Patron
                • Jun 19, 2014
                • 139

                Thank you for this posting. Im a HUGE fan of these retro Mego esque figures. They keep putting out great products and wonderful quality. I have been collecting the Friday line and all monster related stuff. I hope they start doing Universal Monsters next.