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​Telly Favourites Play Figures.

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  • palitoy
    live. laugh. lisa needs braces
    • Jun 16, 2001
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    ​Telly Favourites Play Figures.

    ​Telly Favourites Play Figures.

    "Suspects are pantsless, I repeat pantsless"

    Another weird way to sell unsold Mego factory seconds, both these figures are on the wrong bodies and each just has a tunic.

    I love the header card with the lowest resolution picture of Adam West they could find. Did they take a polaroid of an old rabbit ears tv?

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  • Confessional
    Maker & Whatnot
    • Aug 8, 2012
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    !!!! An amazing one-of-a-kind aftermarket Apes collection! Each unique and special, in a similar way to the odd and worldly Simian bootlegs I too cherish. It's so interesting and revealing to see what happened to the leftovers in the wake of Mego's success and mass production.

    Thanks again for sharing these, and enjoy!


    • apes3978
      Permanent Member
      • Nov 19, 2005
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      Was not aware of these. Cool and interesting.