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Type S 12-Inch Body Quick Review

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  • TRDouble
    Persistent Member
    • Jul 10, 2012
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    Type S 12-Inch Body Quick Review

    CTVT/FTC released the new 12-Inch Type S body last week. I have been looking forward to this one, hoping to do to my 12" FTC DC Comics figures what I have been able to do to the 8" figures, thanks to the 8" Type S body.

    Here is a look at the new body:
    Type S 12-Inch-1.jpg

    And a comparison to the 8" Type S:
    Type S 12-Inch-2.jpg

    It looks like a pretty good upscaling of the 8" body, but the torso is much more defined, with a different shaped neck opening.

    Here it is against what I think is an old Blue Box Toys 12" body:
    Type S 12-Inch-4.jpg

    And against the main comparison I care about, the FTC 12" body:
    Type S 12-Inch-3.jpg

    The FTC body has a nasty lean, that doesn't help the comparison, but you can tell that the body shapes are quite different from the hips up. I tried to add a Round 2 Toys Captain Action to the comparison, but it wouldn't stand long enough for a picture.
  • TRDouble
    Persistent Member
    • Jul 10, 2012
    • 2465

    Now, for the dressing.

    I tried a Round 2 Toys Captain Action uniform and basically wrecked it by splitting part of the front trying to impossibly pull it onto the body. I could not pull it snug into the crotch area. Done.

    Next were the FTC 12" DC Figures, so I tried the safest one -- Robin. The trunks fit better on the Type S than the FTC body. Gloves and shoes were good. I got the tunic on with no issues, but because of the Type S' barrel chest, the tunic barely closed and when I put the belt on, with no issues, the tunic barely hung beyond the belt. So, it fit, but not really satisfactory for me. Here is a comparison of Type S (left) and FTC (right) bodies:
    Type S FTC 12-Inch Robin.jpg

    Alright, let's give Batman a try. This probably wasn't my best idea, as Batman has the worst fitting costume of the DC 12" figures I bought. That bore out as especially true attempting to get it onto the Type S body:
    Type S FTC 12-Inch Batman.jpg

    I contemplated trying Aquaman -- he had a snap closure instead of velcro and the top of the costume had a little room -- but his shorts are not snug enough to think it would pull up on the Type S. I also thought about The Flash, but he is one of my favorites with a decently working body, and I don't want to wreck anyone of these since I may not be able to get them again.

    Then I tried a custom suit mad for Captain Action and I could not get the suit up to the crotch.

    So I am quite disappointed. Even with the generic 12" body neck plug it comes with, I am not sure where I can use this body, especially if no clothes are made for it. I was really hoping to transfer my 12" FTC DC figures onto the new body, but that's not going to happen now. I will have to tuck this body away until I can find some use for it.
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    • KingKickass1983
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      • Jan 19, 2019
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      Man...thats a shame...It looks so good too.

      I wish the 8 inch type S had such defined shoulders and chiseled torso...

      Wonder if GI Joe clothes would fit.
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      Diamond select Spider-man hands. Long shot, I know...but ya never know..


      • TrekStar
        Trek or Treat
        • Jan 20, 2011
        • 8339

        I was also going to suggest GI Joe clothing or if you check ebay perhaps the 12 inch Dragon clothing would work? even maybe the Barbie Ken clothing?

        I am contemplating picking up one of these 12 inch type S bodies, maybe a Star Trek custom if I can find fitting clothing, or a western custom which I have in mind.


        • scott metzger
          Persistent Member
          • Jul 9, 2007
          • 2058

          Above the waist looks great. Below still has all the problems of the 8" body, sadly.


          • Megotastrophe
            Permanent Member
            • Jun 29, 2018
            • 2637

            How would the Mego 14” costumes fit? Especially with the first series small heads? I am aware you would a neck post adaptor