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Cleaning Clear Parts

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  • johnmiic
    • Sep 6, 2002
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    Cleaning Clear Parts

    I was wondering if that stuff they use to remove tarnish from old silverware would remove most of the yellowing from the clear parts from micronauts toys?
  • ctc
    Fear the monkeybat!
    • Aug 16, 2001
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    I think most of the yellowing on the clear parts is actually a change in the plastic; and not dirt or anything. Urethane does the same thing, it yellows over time. And I suspect the clear parts are a type of poly-urethane.

    Don C.


    • Lynn TXP 0369
      Career Member
      • Jun 10, 2007
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      Clear parts that have yellowed are pretty much that way for ever now only to get worse as they age.
      The plastic is chemically breaking down and decaying with age and that is why it is turning yellow and it is all the way throught the part not just on the top or bottom, there is no way of stopping it, slowing it down maybe, but not stopping it.
      Best thing to do now is keep it out of any wacky changes in temps and out of any sun light or flouresenct light for extended periods of time.

      Good luck.