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Thanks for the Memories Chicago

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  • Bronxboykev
    Permanent Member
    • Mar 7, 2011
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    Thanks for the Memories Chicago

    We have unwound but I still haven't unpacked from Mego Meet. We started Missing it as soon as we got in the car at 3:30 AM Sunday Morning to start the Journey back to the Bronx. We always wish it was longer but in Reality we know Work and Real life are waiting for us when the Weekend is over.
    We had family in Chicago and spent time Visiting with Moms family in the 80's so that made these past 3 years even more special, The Taking Old Memories and adding New Memories to them was very heartwarming for us, From the Sears tower to Wrigley and the Old Comisky, Giordano's and Harry Carey's, the Rockbottom and Isaac Hays BBQ and House of Blues. Jumping ahead to Aww Yeah Comics, Lou Malnatis, Portillos, Poochies and Boobies, Salerno's and Gina's... Chicago has left it's mark on us and us on them lol

    There were notables missing for us who were missed but we were able to make even more Friends, Hopefully next year all worlds will align and everyone will be able to make it to next years event wherever it may be.

    I always think there is so much more we could do to try to help besides bringing Posters to help decorate, The undertaking by Steve ans Brian has to take its toll and for that WE Greatly appreciate the effort and all you GENTLEMEN do!!!

    So MANY PEOPLE TO acknowledge without slighting anyone HOPEFULLY...
    First and Foremost my Family Marlene and Scott who look forward to this event as much as I do and Without a combined effort would not have been able to make the 3 years in Chi Town Possible.
    To Everyone who Bought From us we are glad you have Given a MEGO a good Home.
    The Extended family, yes we did not get to spend time in the Mego Suite like we would have liked to but we were able to hang in the Dealer rooms and have Dinner with many and that was just as good... The Ligotti Brothers Roberto and Tomasso NY Extended family from the beginning, Scott AX Pierce, Ed Sam Noir, Austin MEGOWGSH Huff, Scott A, Toyman Chris Hummell, The Gordys Chad and Sean, Brooklyn Brother Roberto Williams, ,Michael Parker, Brue and Lilly, JD and Fletcher, Paul Doc Mego Clarke and Eddie, Paul Laser Mego Wasson, Brian Bleit1701 Leitner, Art Baltazar, Andrew Covalt So good to see you all again...
    our new Friends and Family John GrimJohn and Cindy Kleinhelter, Bill and Cozette Lawrence and Dianna the Re-rooter and Seth... Its been a long way since the Monster High Group Dianna
    If I am forgetting you please add your name to the comments I am so sorry for omitting you!!! We Love you and Miss you all!!! Till 2018 and Beyond!!!

  • darklord1967
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    • Mar 27, 2008
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    Much love to you and the entire Fiore clan, my Bronx brother. It was awesome seeing you all (minus Nikki, who's 1000-watt smile i missed terribly). I'm already counting the days until we all get together again for MEGO MEET '18 !
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    • Bravestarr
      Museum Super Collector
      • Mar 26, 2017
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      I wishwe had this in SOUTH America


      • VintageMike
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        • Dec 16, 2004
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        Great to see you guys. I imagine we'll cross paths at another show in the tri-state area before MM, but like everyone else, I can't wait to for 2018!


        • samurainoir
          Eloquent Member
          • Dec 26, 2006
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          so happy the Fiore clan was able to drive out in Chicago traffic to join us for Pizza and Gelato on Thursday night. Y'all are the best.
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          • Toyman_Chris
            70's Era Pimp
            • Sep 7, 2011
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            As always it was a pleasure to see you fine folks this year....stay out of my car!!