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Mego Meet 2016 - Back to Skokie

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  • EMCE Hammer
    Moderation Engineer
    • Aug 14, 2003
    • 25681

    Mego Meet 2016 - Back to Skokie

    We are pleased to announce that Mego Meet will return to the Skokie Doubletree, June 17th – 18th of 2016. Space is reserved on Thursday June 16th for dealer set-up and “Thursdaybird” arrival, with the event officially running Friday through Saturday. Instructions will be posted soon for reserving hotel rooms and purchasing dealer tables.

    I cut and pasted the above from the newsletter. With any luck our room block at the Doubletree will be ready for booking next week, along with the registration page for attendees and dealers. The meet is one week later this year for two reasons. We're hoping to avoid conflicts with graduations that have plagued us in the past, and the later date also gives us access to a larger dealer space at the Doubletree.

    Look for more updates next week.
  • pmwasson
    • Sep 12, 2007
    • 4869

    Woohoo! I really enjoyed Skokie and hope to get there earlier this year so I can hang out more.
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    • Grimjohn
      Persistent Member
      • Feb 28, 2011
      • 2266

      Sweet! Marking the dates on my calendar.
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      • Bronxboykev
        Permanent Member
        • Mar 7, 2011
        • 3013

        Very Cool... I panicked when I saw the Date originally, but it works out for me... Senior Prom For Dominique is the Week Before and Graduation is the Week after and no testing as well. We have a Federal Election to worry about the last week of June at Work but if push comes to shove it's nothing a Little Sniffle can't fix


        • VintageMike
          Permanent Member
          • Dec 16, 2004
          • 3379

          Some panic here as well, as we sometimes have inventories towards the end of June. In the past, still wouldn't have mattered as I had enough pull to get it changed but since we've merged with another company, I don't know if my voice alone could get it changed. However, I let my boss know and they haven't scheduled anything beyond January yet, so he wrote this time off for me in his book in advance of us being able to put in vacation time. Looks like I'm good. Whew!


          • EMCE Hammer
            Moderation Engineer
            • Aug 14, 2003
            • 25681

            We hope the date change is a plus and not a minus. We've lost a lot of folks to graduation and recital conflicts over the past three years, and that combined with the alternative of looking for a different hotel made it seem like the right move.


            • WannabeMego
              Made in the USA
              • May 2, 2003
              • 2170

              For a minute there I thought you said 'Rectal Conflicts'?!

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              • palitoy
                live. laugh. lisa needs braces
                • Jun 16, 2001
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                I'm still undoing the damage of missing last year's Rectal.
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                • Mego Milk
                  Custom Mego Maker
                  • Jun 3, 2007
                  • 2843

                  Aw yeah mego meet!!!!!


                  • cjefferys
                    Duke of Gloat
                    • Apr 23, 2006
                    • 10180

                    Hey cool, now it doesn't conflict with Niagara Comic Con anymore, so I can do both!


                    • ScottA
                      Original Member
                      • Jun 25, 2001
                      • 12264

                      Cool. We should be there in 2016 if all goes well.
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                      • SentientApe
                        Career Member
                        • May 1, 2014
                        • 601

                        I believe this again conflicts with one of my military reenactments -- if not two of them -- but I will make every effort to attend.


                        • Toyman_Chris
                          70's Era Pimp
                          • Sep 7, 2011
                          • 3010

                          I am anxiously counting the minutes!


                          • Brue
                            User without title
                            • Sep 29, 2005
                            • 4243

                            WAIT! Hold the phone! I was trying to figure out how to say I couldn't come because of the usual date.

                            Now, I will only have to determiner if I can do a trip to Chicago on the tail end of a vacation with family and friends.


                            • megocrazy
                              Museum Trouble Maker
                              • Feb 18, 2007
                              • 3718

                              Which of the two airports is the best option? Im assuming O'hare. Whats the travel time from Skokie to said airport? Seeing if I can squeeze this trip in this year.
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