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The Aw Yeah Card Hunt

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  • palitoy
    live. laugh. lisa needs braces
    • Jun 16, 2001
    • 59229

    The Aw Yeah Card Hunt

    This year we'll be giving away Mego Museum, PlaidStallions and other promotional trading cards in a fun new way. Participating dealers will have small stacks on their tables, each stack a different variety, I dug deep through the archives for this one. I'm trying to have at least 2 of every card and plan to bring over 4,000 cards with me.

    We're hoping this promotes people to visit every table. At the show I'll come around with a stack of cards, if you want to join in, Great! If not, no big worry.
    Places to find PlaidStallions online:

    Buy Toy-Ventures Magazine here:
  • wayne foundation 07
    Time to feed the cat
    • Dec 30, 2007
    • 5705

    That picture would make a great post card .


    • Hedji
      Citizen of Gotham
      • Nov 17, 2012
      • 7246

      This is great! Thanks for digging deep. Sadly, I won't make it, but I see a few PS cards I need. Hopefully more in circulation will allow more trading post-show.


      • megowgsh
        Customego HoF Curator
        • Nov 19, 2003
        • 7420

        I'm going to sell my stack on eBay. Just so y'all know.

        Check out ALL my customs at


        • David Lee
          The Fix-it-up Chappie
          • Jun 10, 2002
          • 6984

          I'm down... I have a way smaller stack to add to your stack too...


          • PNGwynne
            Master of Fowl Play
            • Jun 5, 2008
            • 19458

            Ach, I'm going to have to send a list!

            Any new PS/MM cards this year?
            WANTED: Dick Grayson SI trousers; gray AJ Mustang horse; vintage RC Batman (Bruce Wayne) head; minty Wolfman tights; mint Black Knight sword; minty Launcelot boots; Lion Rock (pale) Dracula & Mummy heads; Lion Rock Franky squared boots; Wayne Foundation blue furniture; Flash Gordon/Ming (10") unbroken holsters; CHiPs gloved arms; POTA T2 tan body; CTVT/vintage Friar Tuck robes, BBP TZ Burgess Meredith glasses.


            • ScottA
              Original Member
              • Jun 25, 2001
              • 12264

              I'm in on this.
              sigpic WANTED: Boxed, Carded and Kresge Carded WGSH


              • Random Axe
                The Voice of Reason
                • Apr 16, 2008
                • 4518

                I want all of the Pulsar and Slade cards so I can hold them for ransom. And Electroman if that was ever made.
                I almost had a psychic girlfriend but she dumped me before we met.

                If anyone here believes in psychokinesis, please raise my hand.


                • Hedji
                  Citizen of Gotham
                  • Nov 17, 2012
                  • 7246

                  Anyone end up with some extra Plaid Stallions cards from the Meet? Hit me up! My needs are in my signature.