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TrueDave explains his Mego Meet and Forum behavior.

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  • boss
    Talkative Member
    • Jun 18, 2003
    • 7205

    It's all good. This is a pretty cool group of toy collectors who stick together for the most part.

    One other thing, nobody hear speaks FOR anyone else. Don't let someone make you believe otherwise.
    Fresh, not from concentrate.


    • Godzilla
      Permanent Member
      • Nov 3, 2002
      • 3008

      My kids are still talkign about the magnet we bought. Great stuff!
      Mortui Vivos Docent
      The Dead Teach the Living


      • Mikey
        Verbose Member
        • Aug 9, 2001
        • 47243

        I missed the whole thing and have no idea what this is about.

        Regardless, you're a cool guy Dave and keep on truck'in


        • Jerry68
          Persistent Member
          • Feb 12, 2008
          • 1039

          Do not let people make you feel that you have to explain yourself. I have not seen anything from you that is in question. Keep your head up and move forward, don't let that pm bother you. Iwas at the meet and we were both in Austin's seminar. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. We are all a bunch of people that share a common interest and sometimes we are not all going to get along.


          • Hulk
            Mayor of Megoville
            • May 10, 2003
            • 16007

            Never would have guessed it if you hadn't mentioned it, but I applaud you for being brave enough to do so. By no means should you feel like explaining it, but I hope it gives you some measure of comfort to know that your autism doesn't affect how we accept you, beyond the new found respect I and others have for sharing something so personal. Keep on posting, and looking forward to seeing you again next year.


            • Cmonster
              • Feb 6, 2010
              • 1877

              I wasn't at MM and haven't met you in person, but have enjoyed our PM's back and forth about all things customizing... If you felt that your autism was something you were comfortable sharing with us, I think that's pretty cool. So are you. Don't let the peanut gallery get to you. LOL



              • Brue
                User without title
                • Sep 29, 2005
                • 4241

                really? your behavior? you met me, right?
                i don't remember anything wrong at the meet or on the forums.

                probably best you apologies to me though -I can pretend you were that guy who sucker punched me in the eighth grade. thanks for the apology. now i can offer forgiveness and move on with life.


                • TrueDave
                  Toy Maker
                  • Jan 12, 2008
                  • 2343

                  "If you felt that your autism was something you were comfortable sharing with us, I think that's pretty cool. "
                  No I dont feel comfortable sharing it. Not in the most remote stretch.
                  I hate this. A lot.


                  • batmanmc
                    mego batman collector
                    • Jun 22, 2004
                    • 6227

                    dave yu are a cool guy. i enjoyed meeting you at the meet.