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Dave's Megomeet ramblings and Raffle/Auction results

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  • Dave Mc
    • Oct 20, 2002
    • 17827

    Dave's Megomeet ramblings and Raffle/Auction results

    Warning! This is my annual in depth rambling recap, so be prepared and exit if you don’t have the guts! If you’re just wanting to find the raffle results, go to the very bottom of this post.

    The 5th annual Megomeet has come and gone. Wow. It seems to be forever away, then all of a sudden I’m driving to WV for what is supposed to be a long weekend, but what is over in a blink, almost like it didn’t happen.

    Megomeet, while being heavily supported by a lot of people, can be a lot of work for me. Finding speakers, gathering raffle stuff and dragging it up there and bringing most of it back to ship out. Making sure there is a decent display, making sure the dealers all get tables and get them where they want them. Making sure the sessions happen on time. Making sure everyone gets fed on Friday night, etc… A few things are more work than others. The display is always a lot of work. I pack up my collection, which kind of sucks, then supliment with other people’s stuff, as well as a bunch of customs people bring. The display room is 2 floors above the main event, and honestly, most people go up, take a quick peak, then go back down stairs, if they even think about going up at all. Still, I seem to spend most of my day running up and down those stairs adding stuff to the display as people bring it then pulling it back out as people leave.

    So this year, while talking over Megomeet with different people, I was told to simplify. Since it’s mostly a social event anyway, don’t sweat all the details, so this year I didn’t. I waited until the last minute to get speakers, just to see who was coming and who I could tap. We shrunk the display from 7 cases, to 2, and instead of getting pieces from a bunch of people, most of the stuff was provided by Chris, Lennie and Ray Miller, and Chris took care of setting up most of it (Ray always takes care of his own). So that was a stressor eliminated.

    Each year the regulars fall into roles. I don’t even have to ask for help anymore, people just do what they did last year. We’ve developed this auto-pilot thing and for the first time I was actually able to have a table that I was at most of the day, and when I wasn’t, I was off screwing around. In short, I was little more than a guest, just as everyone else was. It was nice, and my thanks to everyone who just fell in, especially those that come a day early to make sure we’re all set. Each year that group grows, and this year, it really made my life easy and I really needed the break.

    So in traditional fashion, I’ll post a recap followed by the information you all really want, the raffle and auction results.

    Wednesday- I pack my little Honda CRV Mini SUV. I had this thing so packed that I couldn’t see out my rear view, nor could I see my blind spot. When changing lanes, I had to move my side mirrors left and right to make sure no one was behind me. I packed the raffle stuff and stuff from my table so tight I thought to myself “I can’t fit another box”, then I walked into the garage and found another box that needed to go. UGH! Somehow I managed to cram it in there, and I was ready to go.

    Thursday- It’s Megomeet time! I don’t have too bad a drive, about 4.5 hours but I like to get in early, so I hit the road at 9:30 and stop to pick up the video projector we use. Crap! I forgot to leave space for this! I got it in there, but it bumped me in the elbow all the way to WV.

    It’s weird. It’s just a toy show, and it’s just a bunch of guys getting together and hanging out, but you can feel excitement. My cell phone starts ringing. People are in the car making the drive and are so ready to start the meet, they start socializing on the road. We’re about to spend 2-3 days taking toys and such together, but people are so anxious they start on the phone on the way. It’s so cool. It passes the time and get’s you kind of cranked up about the weekend.

    Pulled in to WV around 2pm and went straight to the Museum to unpack all the raffle stuff. Steve Moore and Chris Johnson got there pretty quick to help unload, met with Alan from Kruger Street and got the dealer tables all organized, got the car emptied out. Chris dropped off his lot of name tags (he always prints these for us) and decided this year, since we didn’t have the big display to set up on Friday morning, I’d just worry about the raffle table tomorrow. See, already there was less stress! It was off to the Super 8 to check in and wait for the gang.

    Got to the hotel, dropped my stuff in my room and went down to Berto and Tom’s room. The first deals of the meet happen there. Berto wont leave his stuff at the Museum, he carries it in his room and his cases are set up on the beds. We’ve learned this, so go down there to see if we can’t get a jump on things. Man, we’re a sick and twisted group. Already looking to buy! Been in town and hour and am looking to see how I can spend money.

    Didn’t take long for others to find us as Bryan Bossart walked in. Another guy I’ve chatted with for years and years, yet have never met face to face. Funny, this guy is such a smart *** and on top of that, a Kiss fan (who I’ve seen pics of in makeup) and he’s so quiet in person. After you talk a bit though, you find he’s just as much a smart *** in person. Anyway, we moved our little group to the lobby, where we always wait for folks to arrive. Dan G came down and walked up to each of us and said “silver or gold”. Huh?... Turns out he found these little cool Megoscale handcuffs in those colors and gave us each a set. Really cool of him. Good custom fodder. I’ve never had a guy give me handcuffs before.

    The volume was getting loud in the lobby. When you get that many chatting and laughing it get’s that way. This year we had a few more early birds. I think we were 18 in number, up from 14 last year. Pretty impressive considering the meet isn’t supposed to start until 5pm on Friday.

    Finally walked across the street to Hoss’s Steakhouse to eat. We go there each year now. Why? Because it’s across the street, it’s certainly not the quality of the food. But we can always get a table for our large group, and we’re all distracted by the chatting so the quality of the food isn’t really on our minds.

    After this, it’s time for beer and chip runs, then it’s off to the Megosuite, which Paul Clare once again hosted. Paul pays for the suite, buys extra beer, deals with the mess we leave in his room, etc… The last 2 years Chuck Gregory has rented the attached room next to it, to give us some overflow space. So thanks to these guys for this. We spend more total hours there, than anywhere else.

    As always we started losing a few around midnight, but the final group left around 5am. Having less to do this year, I told myself I could arrive at 10am for setup the next day instead of the normal 8am, giving me 4 hours of sleep. It felt very excessive! I never get more than 2-3 on a meet night.

    Friday- Woke up feeling refreshed from my LONG sleep, hit the shower, grabbed a McD’s on the way in (the brillant fast food workers in WV are legendary with us, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten an order properly. This time the Egg from my Egg and Sausage McGriddle was missing, but I wasn’t going to let that ruin my day). Most of the gang was right behind me and even though, as I said, the official start time is 5pm, we were at the Museum and we were already socializing and making deals.

    Got the raffle stuff unpacked, but can’t take responsibility for the setup. Last year I did, and admit it was a mess. Tom came up and asked if I minded if he did made some adjustments, and since Tom is such an organizer and it came out so well, I didn’t even try this year. Tom dug in and sorted everything into lots that made sense and somehow got it all to fit on that table and look good.

    Chris headed up to get the display rolling with his stuff and the stuff Len was cool enough to bring, and I started unpacking my table. It’s weird, normally I’m one of the guys pouring over people’s stuff while they unpack, but I got a taste of the otherside this year. 50% of my sales came before I was completely unpacked.

    The guys are rolling in at this point and you’re greeting folks you see once a year, and mixing in guys like Bryan Bossart, who I’ve known for years yet have never met face to face. It’s always a rush.

    This year I wasn’t expecting to score anything. Thought I’d buy and exclusive figure or two, and that’s about it. However, I made my biggest Meet score ever, and here’s how it went down.

    We had a new guy at the meet. Lonnie Fisher came from Oregon. He’d never been to a meet, and didn’t really know anyone, but came as an early bird and fit right in. Thursday in the suite we were chatting and my lack of a Peter Parker AE came up. Seems Lonnie had three. THREE! You can only find these guys at the meet! Still, I knew I didn’t have the cash to even make an offer, so I didn’t think much about it. Turns out, Lonnie had interest in customs and before lunch that day, we had managed to make a trade, Lonnie shopped from my table until he had want he wanted and I had my Parker, the last 8” figure I needed and didn’t think I would score. So major thanks to Lonnie. It was a pleasure, not just to score the figure, but to meet and talk with you. Here’s my big score!

    A note here- Last year I was contacted by a guy I didn’t really know. A guy named Scott Pierce who wasn’t really a museum regular. He was a little nervous about the meet and how he would be welcomed. I told him the meet was what you made it. If you stay in your room and hold back, you wont enjoy it. If you jump in and start chatting with folks, they’ll welcome you with open arms. I think Scott can attest to that, since he’s a Museum regular now, and joined the early bird crowd this year. I bring that up here because the guy I just mentioned, Lonnie, is not really a Museum guy. He hangs at MC, and honestly, hadn’t heard a lot of good things about some of us. Heh. But he came anyway because he’s a megohead. Lonnie hung with us until all hours and is a heck of a cool guy. Perhaps he can talk to his welcome (for those that are concerned about going because of this) but at Megomeet, we don’t care what board you post on or anything like that. We’re all megoheads out for some good toy geek fun. Lonnie, it was truly a pleasure. I’m glad you came, and not just because of the Parker trade!

    Anyway, back to the story--

    Made my AE score and headed out to Arby’s for lunch with a group of the guys. Great company. Steve Moore, Scott A, Doc Mego, Jim Hampton, Chuck Gregory and a few others. Was having a good chat when my phone rang. Ron Peritore had just landed, and had been concerned he wasn’t going to make it. He worked half the night to get caught up, and drove the other half of the night. That’s dedication!

    Back at the Museum, we were getting pretty full. Deals going down, people just talking and having a great time. Soon, it was time to order the pizza (thanks again to Len who always heads this up!) and before you knew it, it was 10pm and we had to shut down. Then it was back to the Megosuite.

    The one bumer of the weekend came that night (or it might have been Saturday night, they all blend, but for the sake of this story, we’ll say it was Friday). Got a call from Derek Richardson who wasn’t able to leave work to make the event. He sounded pretty bummed. He hadn’t missed one yet, and him not being there didn’t feel right. Hope this doesn’t happen again Derek! You were missed!

    Once again that ended at 4 or 5, I can’t remember for sure, and it was back to my room for a glorious 2.5 hours of sleep before the main event.

    Saturday- Feeling a little more bleary eyed than the previous day, yet full of anticipation, headed over to the Museum so we could get the place opened up for the dealers. Things start to blur more now. Saturday always seems to be like that. The first couple hours are pretty heavy in buying and selling, then that pretty much slows way down. Most of the good deals were the night before, but there are some folks that show up only for the day, so there is a small fresh wave of buying and selling. The morning was stolen by the enterance of Iron Man. Chad Gordy brought his new IM movie costume to share and it is SWEET. Looks just like the movie. Pretty dang cool of him to drag it all the way to WV. It was also cool to meet Chad. I’ve known Chad on the boards for 7 years and he made all the cards for the “McDunsel” treks, so we had worked on projects together, but we’d never met. He also brought his son. That was a shocker! Anyone else remember years ago sending a care package to this little boy who had been attacked by a dog? That little boy is almost as tall as his dad now. What a trip! He’s a really cool kid as well.

    Soon after IM’s appearance and photo op, it was time for sessions. James Dolph kicked things off and Ray Miller followed. Thanks to those guys for stepping up and taking care of the morning sessions.

    Somewhere I had managed to pick up one of Jim Hampton’s EK figures. Really cool figure and very appropriate to the Mego time frame. I lost track of Jim most of that day though. Castaway Toys had created a Dealer Room kitbash contest and Jim was going full tilt creating his kitbash. More on the contest later…

    Around noonish it was time to grab a couple chili dogs from the lunch ladies, and get everyone gathered for the group photo. Somewhere there is a great shot of Chuck with a handful of AJ ***. I wont explain that, just find it on your own.

    Somewhere in here Chris opened up sales for his cool exclusive Kromedone figure. I think he has a few left if anyone is interested. Chris always takes on the burden of an exclusive and he’s already planning out his next one.

    Back inside it was time again for sessions to resume and it was an afternoon of “ReMego”. Castaway Toys updated us on their projects, followed by Doc Mego getting us up to speed on EMCE Toys. Brian had said to me that this hobby is in this weird state where it’s going from a vintage hobby, to a combination of vintage and modern, which is very apparent from the interest generated by these groups.

    We were running a little late at this point, so I told Doc we had about 30 minutes. He told me to come in and shut it down because he probably would just keep going as long as someone was listening. True to his word, Doc was still talking, and people were still listening when I had to come in and move things along. I think if I had not, they all might still be there.

    Next up, the custom panel. This year featuring Scott Pierce, Chad Gordy and Art Baltazar. Thanks to these guys for being willing to share information with the group.

    Speaking of Art, he worked most of the day drawing for people. At one point he had a line up and we had to interupt it to go get the group pic taken. I don’t know that Art realized he that people were lining up for him, and while I can’t remember exactly what he said, it was something like “I got a line? Aww Yeah!”

    Winding down the day is a mad rush. By now it’s 3pm and we’ve got 2 hours to run an auction, pull the raffle, and this year, judge a kitbash contest, not to mention pack up. Seeing what was coming, I started packing up around 2, and my table was mostly put away so I could turn my attention to those last things.

    I’m not sure if we did the kitbash contest before the custom auction, but for the sake of this story, we’ll say we did. If I’m wrong, shut up, from now on it happened first.

    I didn’t realize how many people were playing this thing, but we had like 12 figures submitted. Castaway put up 3 prize packages for the winners and 3 judges who weren’t playing (Me, Steve Moore, and Bryan Bossart) consulted on the figures and awarded prizes. Chris Johnson took the contest. Somehow he managed to actually dye clothing on location. Chris get’s a little intense when he’s in the customizing zone. Jim Hampton took 2nd with his Dr. Doom, and third place went to Anthony Barreca’s son. (Sorry Anthony, I can’t remember his name at the moment). He informed the judges with excitement what his custom was, and he was quite proud of it. It was Joker, DISGUISED as Batman! Very creative.

    This was a hit and if the Castaway guys are willing, we’ll probably do it again next year. Maybe a few other “fun” things. I’ve gotten so tied up in sessions that inform, that the goofy fun get’s overlooked sometimes. It’s been suggested that next year we do horse races with Mego Remote Controled Horses. The more I’m thinking about it, the more I like it. I can already see this in my head and it is good!

    Took a 5 minute break and moved on to the custom auction. A lot of great stuff this year, so thanks to all who contributed and all who bid on the figures. This has been a lot of fun the last 3 years. We moved the auction out of the classroom to the dealer room, so there wre more people there and it was less formal. It made it more fun I think. The results of this auction will be at the end of this post (I know what you’re thinking, is the end ever going to come?). Soon, I promise.

    I announced “that’s the last figure in the auction” and Steve Moore stepped up and claimed otherwise. He came up with what I thought was one of his carded romulans that he made a bunch of as Meet exclusives. I was only half right. Steve presented me with a unique version. Dave McCormick in Romulan Disguise. One of his cool Romulan suits on an 8” version of me on a custom card that was signed by all the museum members present thanking me for my efforts with the meet over the last 5 years. Really blew me away. Never was in a position to be “recognized” for anything, and since this is such a big community effort I would never have expected it for this since there is so much credit to go around. But it was super cool. Was a big ol’ warm fuzzy, with the added bonus of being the first custom Dave Mc on a standard T2 instead of a T2 Fat body. So thanks to Steve and anyone and everyone who contributed to that project in anyway, or even just signed the card. Really meant a lot.

    (scuze me, I need a tissue )

    So getting over my bad self, we took another 5 and got ready for the raffle drawing. This year, after a slow start to contributions, they started POURING in. We had 71 total lots this year and a lot of good stuff in there. Brian and I took turns playing Vanna White and drawing names, while Chris Johnson played keys (as in computer keyboard) to record all the lots and who won them. Thanks to everyone, both at the meet and here at the museum who couldn’t attend for their support both with items and with ticket purchases. We made our numbers for another year.
    After the raffle our day at the museum ends. Tables start being packed and it’s a flurry of activity. Funny though, within an hour from the last drawing, all trace we were there is gone. All tables are packed, all cars loaded, goodbyes said to those that are not staying for dinner, and we even put the tables away for Allan, leaving behind an empty room that one hour before was filled with Mego love. It’s kind of sad.

    But we’re not done yet, so at least there is that. We headed off to dinner at Undo’s, which we’ve done since day one. We’re broken up into tables so the conversation is a little more personal, which is cool. But it flies by! We’re there for 2 hours or so, but it seems so quick. We end up gathering outside for a bit because we end up saying goodbyes to a few more that are heading out. We’re getting smaller.

    The rest head back to the suite. Saturday night is a little different in that when people turn in, it’s goodbye until next year, so while it’s still fun, there is this underlying “bummer” feeling as each person calls it a night. I think most people (not all, I guess there are a few that feel it is a “snoozefest” ) leave with promises to come back next year. Most of the first timers are the ones that get the loudest when their 2nd get’s close. To me that speaks volumes. I say it every year, but it’s all about the people, the rest is irrelevant. It’s just so much fun to hang in person. Funny, was talking to a group that included Paul Clark and said I wasn’t sure why I kept wanting to come back each year, most of you people get on my nerves! It was meant in jest (at least in part, we all have other members who get under our skin some) but Paul summed it up really well. It’s family. We all grew up with something in common. Doesn’t always mean you all like each other, but it’s still like some weird geeky toy buddy family. I guess that’s it.

    By now people are dropping like flies (as they say). 2-3 nights of almost no sleep will do that to you. Most I don’t even see leave, somehow I missed their exit and my opportunity to shake hands and say see-ya. Sometimes I think that’s a good thing. Finally, we’re down to the usual last few. Paul Clare, Chuck, Ron, Me, Tom, John Michaels (when he’s awake- One night he didn’t show up to the Megosuite UNTIL 3:30am-- By the way John, thanks for that story, I haven’t laughed that hard in a LONG time and I really needed it.)

    I don’t even know what we’re talking about at that point. Everyone looks whipped. I look over and Ron’s nodding. Tom looks tired. Chuck’s still going strong though, and the weird thing is this year John was the one that WASN’T nodding off. We’re rambling about whatever, but we know when we go, it’s officially over and for some reason we stay until we just can’t. We finally headed out around 5am.

    Each year everyone is in a hurry to head home on Sunday morning. Everyone wants to get home as soon as possible, and normally we’re all bumping into others on our way out the door, getting one last chance to chat. This year I was so tired (getting old I guess) I thought I’d sleep until 10am, getting an extra hour or so before heading home. Normally, I’m up at 8:30 and getting out, but I slept in. Was lying in bed just after the alarm went off about 10:15 trying to come out of my coma, and I hear a soft knock on the door. Look through the peep hole and see Steve. Hold up, Steve- I grab last nights clothes, get dressed and open the door, looking all screwed up I’m sure. We get another 45 minutes or so of chatting in just because. By 11 I figure I better take a shower and pack up for the road. Steve heads out and before I can hope in the shower, the phone rings, it’s the front desk. Evidently checkout is 11, not noon. Oops! They want me to please get the hell out. Okay, give me 15 minutes. Take a quick shower, put on some fresh clothes, grab all my things and do a quick look around the room to make sure I’m out. Cool. Head down to checkout and turn in my keys. Bummer, I normally bump into some folks and get a little last minute megomeet time in. Walking outside was so strange. We had filled up this hotel and the lot was full. Normally, as I said, I leave earlier and there is always activity, but this time it was empty. I mean EMPTY. There were two cars, and one belonged to the woman working the desk. The other was my car, sitting ther in an empty lot. Was kind of weird and kind of a good example of what it feels like driving home from Megomeet.

    Of course that’s all temporary. I always go through a bit of post meet depression on the drive home. It’s a lot of fun and it’s over for another year. But I know I’ll talk to everyone everyday. It’s just that I have to shift back out of happy toyland to the real world. That happens slowly over the drive. I resist the urge to call folks as I’m heading back home, because that just slows down the inevitable transition back to the real world. (well, almost – I did call Brian, but I was barely out of WV so that doesn’t count). Anyway, shifting back to the real world happens over the course of that drive. Got home to my son who, despite all the fun I had, I missed terribly. My son helped me unpack and asked many questions, one of which was “what did you bring me”. Of course I was ready with some SW stuff, one I bought from one of the tables, one given to me by Chuck (who always sends something home with me for my son). Got everything in and my son went off to play with his new toys. So I plopped down on the couch and drifted off to sleep.


    So, now what you really want to know- The raffle results- If you won something and were not there, you item is being mailed. Give me time to get them all out. Might be a week or more before I get everything shipped.

    1) Menudo – Will McGowen
    2) Lord of the Rings – Rob Pyatt
    3) Midevil Spawn – Jason Lane
    4) Vintage GI Joe/Lot of Stuff – Rob Pyatt
    5) Book Lot (random DC books/comics) – Lonnie Fisher
    6) Star Wars Lot – Lauren Nagy
    7) Spawn/Wildcat Lot – Collette Backman
    8) DVD Lot – Jason Lane
    9) Star Wars 12” Lot – Batman MC
    10) Lot of MI, Adventure Crew, Speed Racer, Bruce Lee – John Thomas
    11) AJ Lost Continent Playset – Lonnie Fisher
    12) Hulk Set – Anthony Barreca
    13) Space 1999 Remco Stungun – Chris Franklin
    14) Sci Fi Models/Lost in space figure – Batman MC
    15) Spiderman Figure Lot – Jason Lane
    16) Batman/Aquaman/Cyborg figures – Bill McFarland
    17) Superfriends Lunchbox – MegoCrazy
    18) GI Joe Sigma Six figures – Mike Conlon
    19) Pocket heroes/pewter figures – Anthony Durso
    20) Superplants/Button – Colin Erb
    21) Red Skull-Crystal busts – Lonnie Fisher
    22) Classic TV toys figures/Friar Tuck – Jason Lane
    23) Captain America coaco/The Thing/ Ect – Brue Hoyt
    24) McDonalds Prof/Quisp – Jason Lane
    25) AJ Lost Continent set – J. Israel Hernandez
    26) Hulk figure lot #2 – Brian Sanders
    27) Captain America vintage toys/etc – Brue Hoyt
    28) Spiderman Coaco Set – Jason Lane
    29) AJ Lost Continent Set – Lonnie Fisher
    30) Lego Batman Set/Dark Knight figure – Brian Sanders
    31) Hotwheels batmobile/Mr Freeze – Lonnie Fisher
    32) AJ Farm Set – Lonnie Fisher
    33) Spiderman Coaco Set- Lonnie Fisher
    34) Batcycle/Knockoff/Hawkman – Thomas Meuleman
    35) AJ Lost Continent – Roberto
    36) DC Books – Eric Hotten
    37) Star Trek Ornaments – Sean Allen
    38) Hotwheels Batmobile/Penquin – Anthony Barreca
    39) Barbie – John Thomas
    40) Monster Lot (Realm of the claw)/Phantom opera – Mike Parker
    41) AJ lot – Rob Chapman
    42) Hotwheels Batmobile/Battle for the Cowl – Bill McFarlnad
    43) Remco Phaser – Brue Hoyt
    44) Chips Van/bodies/Joker hat – Mike Parker
    45) Hotwheels Batmobile/figures – J. Israel Hernandez
    46) GI Joe – Jeanneliese Cannon-Blanchere
    47) Figure Lot – Jeanneliese Cannon-Blanchere
    48) Star Wars Wax pack/swoop – Mike Parker
    49) Evil Knevil – Steve Shelley
    50) Castaway Phantom/Achmed – Brian Sanders
    51) Custom Paint Job – Steven Wolf
    52) Comic lot – Jeanneliese Cannon Blanchere
    53) Vintage Cornelius – DR. Mego
    54) Vintage Spock – Dr. Mego
    55) Custom Paint Job – John Thomas
    56) Catwoman Vintage – Jeanneliese Cannon Balnchere
    57) Kromedome – Anothony Barreca
    58) Custom Clothes/Custom Paint Job – Paul Wasson
    59) Super Joe Carded figure – Tom L.
    60) Comnplete Mego Museum Card Set – Will McGowen
    61) Vintage Kirk/Spock/Klingon – Eric Bagner
    62) Vintage Superman – J. Israel Hernandez
    63) Klingon – Rob Plyatt
    64) Mego Stationary – Chris Franklin
    65) Klingon – MegoCrazy
    66) Klingon – Thomas Meuleman
    67) Klingon – Steve Wilson
    68) Klingon – Dan Pearson
    69) Klingon – Steven Wolf
    70) Klingon – John Michaels
    71) Superman Fist Fighter - MegoCrazy

    And the Custom auction.

    101 Captain America—David Lee
    102 Selina Kyle—Paul Clare
    103 AA GI Joe – Rob Pyatt
    104 Kingpin—Art Baltazar
    105 Flash—Willian Flemming
    106 Doc Ock- Lonnie Fisher
    107 Doc Strange – Terry Wood
    108 Martian Manhunter- Mike Conlon
    109 Bucky- Roberto Ligotti
    110 Parachute Kirk – Chris Johnson
    111 Sisko—Rob Pyatt
    112 TNG Romulan – Mike Conlon
    113 Transporter Scotty- Lonnie Fisher
    114 Custom of Choice made by Scott Pierce – Paul Clare
    115 EMCE Gorn Prototype – Chris Johnson

    Thanks for all the support of the Museum raffle and custom auction, and thanks for all the support of the Meet itself. I look forward to next year!
  • EMCE Hammer
    Moderation Engineer
    • Aug 14, 2003
    • 25681

    Nice recap Dave. It was real weird walking out into the empty parking lot on Sunday. I was bummed on the drive back until I got within a half hour of my house, and then the anticipation of seeing my family kicked in.

    That's a lot of stuff in the raffle. Thanks again to everyone who donated and especially to you for shouldering the load.


    • steshell
      Museum Super Collector
      • Jan 20, 2008
      • 183

      Dave, what a great report!!!!. Well worth waiting for.
      Thanks for keeping me entertained at 04:50 am, I've never read such a detailed report of any show.



      • UnderdogDJLSW
        To Fear is Not Logical...
        • Feb 17, 2008
        • 4883

        Dave, your detail only makes me regret not being there more!

        Thanks for the "play by play"
        It's all good!


        • rche
          channeling Bob Wills
          • Mar 26, 2008
          • 7389

          congrats to all the winners
          and congrats to all the participants for helping raise the scratch for next years upcoming expenses: we all win with that

          and big thanks for the recap from Dave. You are one thorough mofro and no matter how much easier you made it for yourself this year; without you this would not get done. THANKS


          • sauce
            • Jun 24, 2007
            • 3491

            Dave, you are fantastic! I read every word you wrote and enjoyed them all.
            I really got to "be there" with your narrative. Thanks!

            Congrats on completing your 5 Year Mission! I imagine that Star Fleet has already asked you to sign on for another tour?

            Oh, and of course, thanks for dealing with all that Raffle Bulk! Whatta task!!! At least I didn't win so much this year!! LOL



            • GAFan
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              • May 30, 2008
              • 363

              Great story Dave, the next best thing to being there.

              Darn, didn't win again this year. I guess I need to find a way to make the next meet. At least then I'll have the memories.


              • megojim
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                • Oct 13, 2001
                • 3630

                Wow . . . . I feel like I just went back in time . . . . great recap Dave!
                It was my pleasure to shrink my space on your behalf . . . .
                Even if I don't make it next year . . . I wanna see some pics of the Stallion Race!
                Thanks for doing all you do for the event and museum
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                • ScottA
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                  • Jun 25, 2001
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                  Great write up Dave. Always great seeing you again. Glad you had the table across from me with all that Mego goodness. Congrats on the Parker. Thanks for the peace belt Dinah Mite (probably should have picked-up that Heath Spa one as well). Same time next year for sure.
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                  • megocrazy
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                    • Feb 18, 2007
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                    Great recap Dave. In a perfect world we'd all be able to get together all the time and shoot the crap until 5am. Honestly the Suite has almost overshadowed the Meet itself. It truly is great to sit and rap with people you talk to everyday face to face rather than through a keyboard. It's why I make the trip,(it sure as hell isn't the drive, though I must admit 8 hours of Mego talk with Doc really makes it fly by). The deals are great, seeing the stuff is great, but the people are the reason. If you haven't attended the Meet you haven't gotten the full value of the Mego Museum. If you don't attend the suite you don't get the full value of the Meet. Thanks again for all the work you and many others do to make the Meet a reality. CG
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                    • jessica
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                      • Nov 5, 2007
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                      Dave, how wonderful it is to read about MegoMeet. I really love reading about your experiences at the annual gathering. Makes me feel as if I had been there. Thank you for the wonderful details--every word was delicious and delectable. I had to stop speed-reading and went back to enjoy every morsel. I feel satisfied yet still crave for more.
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                      • boss
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                        who are you again?
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                        • toys2cool
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                          • Nov 27, 2006
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                          That was awesome Dave,and presenting you with that figure was super cool. You deserved it bro
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                          • Riffster
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                            • Jun 29, 2008
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                            woo hoo I won something

                            your account of the meet makes me even sadder i couldn't make my first. providing my wife has a job next year (lord willing) I'll be there next year.
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                            • vulcan2074
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                              • Mar 23, 2008
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                              Thank you for writing such a detailed report of the Meet. It was a great read. Congrats on the AE score