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Marketplace Reminder - Hey, I'm Talking To You!

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  • EMCE Hammer
    Moderation Engineer
    • Aug 14, 2003
    • 25679

    Marketplace Reminder - Hey, I'm Talking To You!

    Gentle reminder to combine, edit, or delete your posts per the guidelines at the top of the page, or if I am awake I will do it for you in a manner that is surely more clumsy than you'd like. Random WANTED posts should be combined into one wantlist and updated as needed. If you have two items for sale and two up for trade - for example - please use one post and be specific in your title.

    EMCE Exlax
  • Trappy Trek Freak
    House of a thousand Megos
    • Aug 10, 2009
    • 1168

    Well I need a Boss Hogg head?
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    • EMCE Hammer
      Moderation Engineer
      • Aug 14, 2003
      • 25679

      Send me your addy:-) I should have written 'multiple random wanted posts for single items.' Trying to cut down on peeps who have want posts for one or two things on every page when they could be combined and make more room for others.
      Last edited by EMCE Hammer; Jun 15, '12, 1:45 PM.


      • shellshopexotics
        New Member
        • Feb 2, 2011
        • 46

        Yes sir! Thanks for the heads up and taking care of hat for me.
        Jordan Sund
        AKA Jedi Master Jor-Jon-Sun, Jordo Fett, Darth Shrek


        • BlackKnight
          The DarkSide Customizer
          • Apr 16, 2005
          • 14622

          GlenB didn't get the memo.
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          always trading for Hot Toys Figures .


          • Vinny0026
            Year Five!!
            • Jan 26, 2012
            • 3724

            Sorry - I think I did it a few times. I will delete the old ones.
            "Where Does He Get Those Wonderful Toys?"


            • GlenB
              New Member
              • Apr 14, 2012
              • 7

              Sorry as well. I think I fixed it, thanks!


              • johnmiic
                • Sep 6, 2002
                • 8427

                You mean I can't sell more Playboy back issues here any more?