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  • palitoy
    live. laugh. lisa needs braces
    • Jun 16, 2001
    • 59259

    Win a Copy Of World's Greatest Toys

    Want to win a free copy of World's Greatest Toys? Simply name your favourite WGSH with a brief reason why and you're in!

    The winner will be drawn next Wednesday and a copy will be shipped the following day.
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  • ozcollector1992
    Longtime Oz Collector
    • Oct 13, 2006
    • 494

    Green Arrow
    It always suprised me that they could make an archer into a Comic book hero.Mego also did a great job of recreating the mego figure.It looks so cool

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    • monkey tennis
      "Kiss my face."
      • Jun 8, 2007
      • 2267

      Who do I have to Kill ?
      Oh my favorite WGSH mmmmmmmm
      cause he's just so damn cool.
      "I've just bought a house. It's got a Buck Rogers Toilet. One yank, all gone!"


      • Bo8a_Fett
        Pat Troughton in disguise
        • Nov 21, 2007
        • 3738

        The Thing....he always looks as if he's just broken wind.Or had a run in with an overzealous customs man.
        ENGLISH AND DAMN PROUD OF IT British by birth....English by the grace of God. Yes is big isn't it....


        • Flynne
          Permanent Member
          • Jan 22, 2003
          • 3008

          My favorite WGSH has always been Spider-Man. Simply holding the figure transports me back in time to my birthday in 1975 when I got my first Mego. In a word: priceless.
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          • Mikey
            Verbose Member
            • Aug 9, 2001
            • 47244

            My fav WGSH has got to be SUPERMAN........

            The old Mego Museum Superman forum used to say "just look at his face, he cares"

            That is so true

            Superman Mego is MEGO personified



            • Bo8a_Fett
              Pat Troughton in disguise
              • Nov 21, 2007
              • 3738

              This is the kind of thread you wish people didn't post on lol...quick hide it
              ENGLISH AND DAMN PROUD OF IT British by birth....English by the grace of God. Yes is big isn't it....


              • supercrazy
                • Oct 3, 2006
                • 482

                Batman because he has been my favorite superhero since childhood and when we were poor my mom would draw for me batman and cut it out and I would play with the paper drawing. I miss being a kid but enjoy watching my children grow up.


                • Sideshow Spock
                  valar morghulis
                  • Mar 8, 2005
                  • 2853

                  Human Torch.. he's the only Mego fig (other than Star Trek) I have a strong memory of playing with as a child..


                  • trekfan
                    Persistent Member
                    • Dec 9, 2003
                    • 1003

                    The Thing...I was a HUGE Fantastic Four fan growing up and he's my favorite member of the foursome. Plus he had a faux rock costume (which was resurrected later for the crappy movies - They don't look similar, they both just look phony).



                    • cjefferys
                      Duke of Gloat
                      • Apr 23, 2006
                      • 10180

                      Green Arrow. Great likeness, cool accessories, what's not to like. Mego was firing on all cylinders when they designed that one. He was a Mego that I never had as a kid, but always wished I did, but for some reason never managed to get one.


                      • Zemo
                        Still Smokin'
                        • Feb 14, 2006
                        • 3888

                        This month it's the Spiderman FF, because he kicks the non FF versions butt daily at my house.


                        • jwyblejr
                          galactic yo-yo
                          • Apr 6, 2006
                          • 11145

                          I'm going to say Robin. Poor guy is so underrated that you have to love him.


                          • PCofmisfittoys
                            • Oct 17, 2007
                            • 0


                            As a non-mego 8" collector , he is the one that I would like to have in all versions with his villians . He is the most iconic of all the figures. green goblin/hobgoblin being my favorite villians.


                            • Laparka
                              New Member
                              • Jun 12, 2007
                              • 33

                              Favorite Mego superhero, Mr. Mxyzptik. His first head scarred your parents. What else could you ask for? He was like the uncle your Mom told you to stay away from at the family reunion. Oh, and he has a cool hat! Off topic....besides KISS the coolest Mego ever is Cheron...he looks like a half-moon cookie.....mmmmm, half-moon cookie!!!!