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Dida Displays Now Accepting Preorders

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  • megoscott
    Founding Partner
    • Nov 17, 2006
    • 8710

    Dida Displays Now Accepting Preorders

    Good news, Bad news, Great news....

    The good news is that at long last Didas are back in production! The factory will start making pieces in 10 days! The bad news is that there will be a delay in getting displays to you until February. The GREAT news is that the delay will be caused by the arrival of my first child! Yay! So after getting settled in with him and getting some sleep and taking care of his momma I'll get back to assembling and shipping the displays after the New Year.

    However, I do need to hear from you now if you plan to purchase any of these items: A Stately Caverns Deluxe Playset, a Space Command playset, or a Mego Museum WGSH Special Edition Displaybox. The artwork for these items will be sealed at the factory so I need to know ahead of time that you want one. If you put in a deposit it will ensure you will get one, but since it is short notice if you let me know to put you down on the list I'll set one aside for you. Depositors will be the first served, and those who pre-ordered last time will be at the top of the list, but I need to hear you still want your order.

    One important note: The Space Command will not include the Transporter slipcase in the pictures. That will sell separately later, and the price has been reduced because of that.

    As you may know from my previous posts this has been quite a struggle to get going again. It's taken a good deal of time and effort to get a new factory to do the work and do it right. I think it's going to be worth it. I've been able to have a number of these displays in my house since the first samples were made and I really think they are great. I know you'll enjoy them and I appreciate you support and patience (in the past and in the near future).

    Please check out the new website to see many pictures of displays in action plus a peak at some other things I have cooked up: The Corner Tower Display and the Tri-box Carrying Case. These will be available for sale in February.

    Please let me know as soon as you can if you want to pre-order one of the deluxe sets. You can preorder here

    Thanks again,
    Scott Adams

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  • cjefferys
    Duke of Gloat
    • Apr 23, 2006
    • 10180

    Holy crap, those are awesome, Scott. I especially like the "Space Command" playset, but they are all great.

    And a big congrats for the upcoming baby! Believe me, you are in for a lot of fun (and less sleep )


    • Meule
      Verbose Member
      • Nov 14, 2004
      • 28720

      I see nothing but great news here.
      Congrats on the baby Scott.
      And I emailed you my order
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      • The Toyroom
        The Packaging King
        • Dec 31, 2004
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        Congrats Scott! Good news all the way around!
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        • theantiquetiger
          Fra-gee-lay Thats Italian
          • Nov 12, 2005
          • 3435

          Just ordered my WGSH display box


          • MegoGeek
            From The Black Lagoon
            • Jun 27, 2001
            • 1348

            Originally posted by MegoScott
            Good news, Bad news, Great news....

            The GREAT news is that the delay will be caused by the arrival of my first child! Yay! So after getting settled in with him and getting some sleep and taking care of his momma I'll get back to assembling and shipping the displays after the New Year.
            WOW! That IS great news Scott! Congrats to you and the Mrs.


            • HardyGirl
              Mego Museum's Poster Girl
              • Apr 3, 2007
              • 13933

              Awesome news about the baby, Scott! And remember, Auntie Sharry is available for babysitting, once you and your wife are comfortable leaving him w/ someone!

              I love those tri-boxes! Like mini playsets, and so cool! Would you consider using the background templates you had for the Ape cards, (like the Zaius card and the Urko card) for the tri-boxes? That would be SO cool!
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              • imp
                Mego Book Author
                • Apr 20, 2003
                • 1579

                Stately Caverns Deluxe Playset: admired and ordered. I can't wait to give my loose WGSH collection a proper home!

                Way to go, Scott. Gorgeous work.



                • SlipperyLilSuckers
                  • May 14, 2003
                  • 9031

                  Congratulations Scott, on your baby and on this coming together, they look fabulous...I am still very keen, and have put in a preorder.
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                  • Wee67
                    Museum Correspondent
                    • Apr 2, 2002
                    • 10590

                    Wow, I know how hard you worked on this project so congrats.

                    I also have an idea how hard you'll be working on that other, baby project so congrats there, too!
                    WANTED - Solid-Boxed WGSH's, C.8 or better.


                    • Sandlantern
                      Museum Super Collector
                      • Jul 7, 2005
                      • 171

                      Glad to hear that everything's back in business...just placed my order!


                      • mitchedwards
                        Mego Preservation Society
                        • May 2, 2003
                        • 11781

                        Those look so nice. Congrats on getting your project off the ground, and the baby on the way.

                        I'm starting to save up so i can get a order in.

                        Think B.A. Where did you hide the Megos?


                        • Bubba Hotep
                          New Member
                          • Sep 13, 2007
                          • 11

                          Hooray! Hooray!

                          Congrats Megomuseum on the birth of your little one; and also for the neat news about the Dida sets. I will placing my order today.

                          STUPENDOUS! OUTRAGEOUS! OH JOY!


                          • Surfsup
                            Silver Chrome Dome
                            • Dec 2, 2005
                            • 1352

                            Great news on the baby front Scott, congrats to you and the missus!


                            • megoscott
                              Founding Partner
                              • Nov 17, 2006
                              • 8710

                              Thanks for all the well wishes, gang, it's a very exciting time, I can't wait to meet this new person!

                              Thanks also for the support on the Dida Displays and the pre-orders coming in. I will be making the other sets available for purchase soon, I just need to get an idea of how many deluxe sets to order.

                              Hardygirl---the Tri-boxes are really cool. You'll be able to specify any card art (or any art at all) you want on the sides.
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