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anyone selling on ebay notice they slipped in shipping internationally using the hub?

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  • Nostalgiabuff
    Muddling through
    • Oct 4, 2008
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    anyone selling on ebay notice they slipped in shipping internationally using the hub?

    i have a bunch of sales ending tonight and noticed they automatically enrolled me in shipping internationally through this hub. i don't recall ever getting notice about it and did not see any message in my ebay messages. ****es me off as I may end up having international sales today and i hate filling out customs crap. it's not worth the time and effort. i opted out now for moving forward but that doesn't change what ends tonight. fingers crossed it's all domestic sales. sorry for all you who are outside the states, it's jsut too much of a PITA selling internationally(for me)
  • KingKickass1983
    Career Member
    • Jan 19, 2019
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    Its pretty simple. You basically mail the stuff out to an address in IL, and they get sent out to the buyers from there by ebay.

    You don't have to fill out any customs forms.

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    • warlock664
      Persistent Member
      • Feb 15, 2009
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      Extremely simple process. You ship it to the closest hub in the USA and they take care of everything else. The buyer pays the additional shipping charges directly to eBay. I was skeptical at first but it’s really no hassle.


      • Sideshow Spock
        valar morghulis
        • Mar 8, 2005
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        I too was automatically enrolled in it last year and had immediate concerns, but once I read how it actually works, I saw no reason not to do it. As the others have said, it requires no extra effort whatsoever and you're just mailing to a domestic hub. eBay handles the rest. In fact, if the international buyer wants to return the item, eBay handles all of that too. So in that regard it's actually even easier than domestic.

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        • drquest
          • Apr 17, 2012
          • 3745

          Yes I recall seeing that, and was tempted to opt out, but it reads as though they are protecting the seller here pretty heavily. I used to sell overseas but it just turned into too much of a hassle so I stopped doing it. The way this reads, as long as it gets to them at the shipping point in the U.S., our responsibility is over, and we are protected the entire way.
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          • Nostalgiabuff
            Muddling through
            • Oct 4, 2008
            • 11299

            good to know. thanks for the feedback. i guess i will opt back in.


            • Dark Shadow
              Creature Of The Night
              • May 14, 2011
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              I haven't sold on eBay in quite awhile, but as I buyer, I'm experiencing this "hub" thing for the first time. I bought something a few days ago that is shipping from England and when I checked the tracking this morning via the email that I received from "Evri", it shows the status as "Delivered" to my name at the following address:

              REF #AXXXXXXXXUS

              Before completely freaking out, I logged into eBay and checked the tracking from there, and the status read "Arrived at our international hub". I did a bit of research and it appears that the address above is the eBay hub that my item will ship from (from England to the US). Apparently the delivery service that carried my item from the seller to this hub (Evri and/or Packlink?) considers my package as "Delivered", and another service will be taking over from there.

              That's my understanding as of the moment, but can't help being a bit apprehensive about this process. Not so much for the financial aspect, it's something I've been hunting down for awhile and have not been able to find here in the US.