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Sad news again - RIP Fred Goodspeed

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  • EMCE Hammer
    Moderation Engineer
    • Aug 14, 2003
    • 25680

    Sad news again - RIP Fred Goodspeed

    I just received word through the customizer grapevine that Fred passed away recently due to Covid. Personally I had lost touch with Fred, but I recall him being humble and kind as well as being a great customizer. RIP Fred.

  • PNGwynne
    Master of Fowl Play
    • Jun 5, 2008
    • 19487

    I"m sorry to hear that, RIP. Fred helped me with some customs when I first joined the forum.
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    • LonnieFisher
      Eloquent Member
      • Jan 19, 2008
      • 10866

      What was his museum name? I don't know if I know who that is. It's always sad to lose a fellow customizer/collector. R.I.P.


      • boss
        Talkative Member
        • Jun 18, 2003
        • 7209

        Fred helped me back in the day. Sad news.
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        • The Toyroom
          The Packaging King
          • Dec 31, 2004
          • 16653

          RIP BlackKryptonite :(
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          • thunderbolt
            Hi Ernie!!!
            • Feb 15, 2004
            • 34211

            ahh really? RIP Fred. I used to call him the other BK. I got more than a few heads from him.
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            • rche
              channeling Bob Wills
              • Mar 26, 2008
              • 7388

              Sad news to lose any member of the Mego and customs community. Condolences to his family and friends.


              • Earth 2 Chris
                Verbose Member
                • Mar 7, 2004
                • 32582

                Very sorry to hear this. My condolences.



                • darklord1967
                  Persistent Member
                  • Mar 27, 2008
                  • 1551

                  Prior to learning to mold and cast myself, Fred was kind and gracious enough mold and cast several body parts for me during my earliest attempts to develop my own action figure bodies.

                  Fred Goodspeed was always a consummate gentleman… always helpful, always polite, always a kind and encouraging word to offer about my work.

                  I lost regular contact with Fred after he fell out of the molding/ casting game a few years back, forcing me to take it up myself. But we nevertheless remained social media friends, and I’d run across his posts every so often on my newsfeed.

                  I am so terribly saddened to hear of Fred’s passing. The MEGO community has lost a very good man, a true comrade, and a genuine friend with his loss.

                  I for one am eternally grateful to have corresponded with Fred Goodspeed. His assistance always proved to be so invaluable. My life and my work were all the richer for my brief association with him.

                  Rest In Peace, brother Fred. You will be dearly missed and never forgotten. Godspeed Mr. Goodspeed 😢
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                  • megowgsh
                    Customego HoF Curator
                    • Nov 19, 2003
                    • 7420

                    Fred was one of the good guys. He will be missed RIP
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                    • MIB41
                      Eloquent Member
                      • Sep 25, 2005
                      • 15632

                      Just reading this. Very sad news. Fred was definitely a tremendous asset to the hobby and friend to all. A big loss. So sorry to hear this.


                      • Vinny0026
                        Year Five!!
                        • Jan 26, 2012
                        • 3724

                        Very sad news - prayers for him and his family - may he rest in peace
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