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"ANTHROVOID"- Custom 8" Action Figure & Story by Rhett Bailey, HIGH COUNTESS TAYRE

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  • Boba-rett
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    • Feb 13, 2017
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    "ANTHROVOID"- Custom 8" Action Figure & Story by Rhett Bailey, HIGH COUNTESS TAYRE

    "ANTHROVOID" Profile
    CLASS : Alien, Clan Xymot (White Martians)

    The House of Q’n Zaytonus ruled Mars' lush Terra Sirenum region for thousands of years after overthrowing the oppressive Q’n Hellus empire before discovering the existence of other clans on the Red Planet (with the exception of House Q’n Lycanthrope). While the rest of Mars celebrated the discovery of neighboring inhabitants during the “Spring of Systems”, the reign of High Saint Zaytonus- Tayren could only be characterized by tepid takeover attempts, squandered resources, irrational decision making, and even accusations of insanity.

    Tayren was pressured by his council to abdicate his crown and transfer power to one of his two heirs: His oldest son Prinsten Tyrteron (who the council emphatically favored), and daughter Printessa Tayre. Per tradition, the royal family traveled to the sacred Magnetic Flux of Eridania to begin succession trials and decide who would inherit rule: Only Printessa Tayre returned from the journey.

    Claiming to have gained her father’s blessing, the newly crowned House High Countess wasted no time earning her nickname “The Viper of Terra Sirenum”. She issued a death claim against all Varg guardians and expropriated their Crocoite mines. She disbanded the MOGG after assassinating key leaders and declared herself “Supreme Tsarina of Mars”. Finally, Tayre invaded the Interplanetary Embassy of Worlds settlement (infamously referred to as the Promethei Incursion), seizing all humans as prisoners and marking them for experimentation.

    For the latest in ANTRHOVOID, follow us at:
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  • sprytel
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    • Jun 26, 2009
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    She looks really cool. I'm loving all these original figures and their backstories.


    • PNGwynne
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      • Jun 5, 2008
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      You're doing great customs, keep up the good work.
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      • monitor_ep
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        • May 11, 2013
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        I am impressed with this lineup and your story. Looks great so keep it up.
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        • battmasterson
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          • Dec 22, 2010
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          Awesome job! She looks great. I too love the backstory and your creativity. It's always good to show off your own interpretations or unique IP's and creations. That is what keeps this forum interesting. I enjoy when people stretch their creativity with these figures. Well done.


          • apes3978
            Permanent Member
            • Nov 19, 2005
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            She looks great.