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Super Spiderman Custom

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  • bagmonster
    Registered Lurker
    • Apr 13, 2002
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    Super Spiderman Custom

    I was looking at a pile of extra parts and pieces and was struck by the urge to customize out of my comfort zone. I thought I would create my own hero and go from there. The inspiration was the Castaway Toys head sculpted by Corey Wood. From there Ed Nagy hooked me up with some printed fabric for a cape, Brian Leitner took my drawings and created the suit and Anthony (The Toyroom) Durso hooked me up with a box and chest emblem.

    Super Spiderman is based on the Amalgam Series that combined DC and Marvel heroes. The other characters pictured on the box are from the actual series.

    Here go my attempts at submitting pictures:

    • May 16, 2002
    • 9665

    Pretty cool, but I can't see the other characters pictured on the box.


    • The Sentry
      Persistent Member
      • Jun 3, 2007
      • 1032

      Now that's snazzy! Good show!


      • kingdom warrior
        OH JES!!
        • Jul 21, 2005
        • 12478

        That's really really cool!


        • Hulk
          Mayor of Megoville
          • May 10, 2003
          • 16007

          You got Peanut Butter in my Chocolate!

          Cool Mix!


          • Megospidey
            Museum Webslinger
            • Jul 26, 2006
            • 5305

            Blasphemy! Blasphemy!

            (Don't tell anyone, especially The Toyroom, but...I actually kinda like it!)


            • Meule
              Verbose Member
              • Nov 14, 2004
              • 28720

              Hey, this is really cool. Could you post another pic of the sides of the box, I can't see the other amalgam heroes. This could be a fun series to customize
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              • thunderbolt
                Hi Ernie!!!
                • Feb 15, 2004
                • 34211

                Nice idea!! I really like the design of the costume.
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                • SlipperyLilSuckers
                  • May 14, 2003
                  • 9031

                  Wow I like the character and the notch job(s).


                  • Dave Mc
                    • Oct 20, 2002
                    • 17827

                    Way to step out Ron!


                    • brineb
                      Persistent Member
                      • Aug 26, 2006
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                      Excellent!!! I keep forgetting about how cool some of the Amalgam characters were.
                      I also play with other dolls:


                      • The Toyroom
                        The Packaging King
                        • Dec 31, 2004
                        • 16653

                        Looks AMAZING and SUPER, Ron!

                        The other side pics are:
                        Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate)
                        Captain Marvel (Shazam version + 60s Marvel Kree version)
                        Aqua-Mariner (Aquaman + Sub-Mariner)
                        Iron Lantern (Iron Man + Green Lantern)
                        Angelhawk (Angel of the X-Men + Hawkman)
                        Thorion (Thor + Orion of the New Gods)

                        The cool thing about Amalgam is there are tons more "established" characters or you can go the Ron route and create your own.
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                        • HardyGirl
                          Mego Museum's Poster Girl
                          • Apr 3, 2007
                          • 13933

                          Ok, (this is me, the comic book ignorant), this is a cross between Supes and Spidey, right? Interesting. It kinda reminds me of Captain America (perhaps it's the face mold.) Good job.
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                          • bagmonster
                            Registered Lurker
                            • Apr 13, 2002
                            • 801

                            Thanks for the feedback, guys! I'll scan and post the pics later.

                            Thanks again,


                            • garagesale
                              Dept. of Mego Studies
                              • Aug 8, 2006
                              • 1142

                              Super incredible!