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Nov 3, '14, 9:51 AM
Broke open one of the new Neca Misfits/Crimson Ghost figs over the weekend. Wondering if anyone else thought the paint on the lower half (teeth & jaw) of the face was terrible? Sloppy and distorting the iconic skull image.

It appears as if they didn't follow the paint mask on the prototype or as depicted in the promo photos. Bought one of each and they are both gonna have to be repainted for proper inclusion into Monster City.

Otherwise a pretty cool piece; the body is a major improvement over where they started with the Django figures, but hoping they keep making improvements (hip articulation in particular) moving into 8" POTA. Was assembled with several body parts turned backwards; had to strip him down, re-orientate and change the hand positions to match. Clothing/accessories are solid… like the little wire details in the cloak front.

Nov 3, '14, 10:35 AM
I forgot these are out, I really want one.

Gorn Captain
Nov 3, '14, 3:19 PM
If there's one thing that disappointed me about Evil Dead Ash, it was that the prototype head paintwork was great, the actual finished head...not so great, especially the eyes.
They need to work on that.

Nov 3, '14, 5:50 PM
any reason besides gouging Misfits fans that this figure is 8 bucks more than the other NECA figures?

Remco Monster
Nov 6, '14, 12:52 PM
Got the black one in the mail today. Great figure, but I agree with the paint issues, his teeth look odd. I may touch it up, but will most likely take the lazy way out, and leave it be.

Nov 12, '14, 9:56 PM
Yes, I picked up a set and the mouths are identical. Both look bad. If anyone touches these up, please post.
I plan on trying, but probably not for a month or so.

EMCE Hammer
Nov 13, '14, 7:06 AM
I found at least eight yesterday, both colors. Every single one had screwy teeth. I grabbed the red one, passed on Texas Chainsaw, Scream and Rocky. I have a head to make my own Scream somewhere, the Rocky expression just didn't do it for me. I still need to track down Eddie.

Nov 16, '14, 7:36 PM
Maybe the worst looking figures I've ever seen. I don't understand the paint app at all, they look like factory defects. $40 too.

Nov 16, '14, 7:44 PM
Pics would be helpful....

Nov 16, '14, 7:45 PM
Pics would be helpful....

Yeah, well I'm on my phone. I'll post the pic I took tommorrow.

Iron Mego
Nov 16, '14, 8:03 PM
I took a close look at these yesterday, TRU had a ton. And part of the problem is that the teeth are supposed to be off-centered, but on top of that they messed up on the white underneath the bottom teeth. That one little mishap turned these from pretty cool to pretty awful pretty quickly. I was hoping to pick one up, but at $30 it was an easy pass. I'll wait for Amazon to have them at a reduced price with free Prime shipping.

Nov 16, '14, 8:26 PM
Here is one of mine the way it arrived:

Nov 16, '14, 8:28 PM
Here is one of mine the way it arrived:

Here he is after a small paint touch up:

I guess I should have attached bigger pics, but if you click on one, you can go back and forth...

Iron Mego
Nov 16, '14, 10:32 PM
Compared to what it's supposed to look like:

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v649/wuheavy/misfits-fiend-Black-590_zps6c0be1ed.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/wuheavy/media/misfits-fiend-Black-590_zps6c0be1ed.jpg.html)

Iron Mego
Nov 16, '14, 10:33 PM
Looks like the paint mask was off and there's not enough white on the chin part.

Nov 17, '14, 10:07 PM
Agreed! Guess I'll try some white paint.

Iron Mego
Nov 17, '14, 10:17 PM
And I didn't mean to compare your touch-ups to the "original" image, but rather a comparison to the ones appearing on our TRU shelves. Not trying to slight your work at all. (Just want that to be clear.)

Dec 15, '14, 11:15 AM

For all of the folks who have this figure, is the hip articulation the same as Freddy and Jason?


Gorn Captain
Dec 15, '14, 12:54 PM
From what I heard, they've addressed that with a new kind of articulation, but I don't know if Ghost already has the new hip...or legs...

Dec 15, '14, 1:59 PM
saw them at TRU, I just couldn't pull the trigger at 30 bucks plus tax.

Dec 16, '14, 11:31 AM
I was the same way. They just looked slightly off. I stood there a long time debating, but ended up walking away.

Dec 16, '14, 12:17 PM
I liked him from a movie serial fan aspect, I just couldn't do it for the higher price.

Dec 16, '14, 5:28 PM
You know what sucks, I bought a coffin for the figure. I walked into TRU the other day and same as everybody else. I looked at it and couldn't buy it. Maybe if they go on sale I will try and fix the skull, eyes and teeth looked bad to me.

Dec 16, '14, 5:55 PM
I guess the Misfits command big money for the name? I just wonder why its 5 bucks more than the rest of the Neca figures? I don't give a crap about the band, I just want my movie serial star.

Dec 16, '14, 6:19 PM
For me the brilliance of the figure worked on two fronts, as the iconic serial villain (and overall great addition to any monster collection) and as the old school (Horror Biz) Misfits fiend. That's a neat (albeit niche) crossover appeal in releasing the two versions.

The on-going, modern flood of new school (post-D) Misfits merch is not of my interest either, but damn, I wished the quality control was better… I paid $24.99 and this is a wide-ranging flaw in the line that requires re-painting of the lower half of the head to (re)capture that iconic look, not an errant tooth here and there. You have to really want it to go through the trouble of fixing it.

Dec 29, '14, 4:48 PM
I finally broke down and got him, Neca's bodies are amazing. Makes me wish they would have gotten the Dc and Marvel lines.