View Full Version : NECA Why No Females Yet?

Jul 24, '14, 11:16 PM
I know Neca has not come out with too many figures yet and the ones that have come out there are even less humans but why haven't we seen any females yet? Give us Ripley in 8" or how about an 8" Nova?

They already have a body that they used for Broomhilda! I said this in another thread but I for one hope they focus on a full line with these 8" figs. I am talking about a full POTA line or Alien so we can get more normal looking human figures!

Jul 25, '14, 12:09 AM
Nova would be great!

Jul 25, '14, 1:01 AM
Nova would be Fantastic! I am hoping for some more Retro 8" Planet of the Apes "reveals" from SDCC. If not I am thinking/hoping there will be more eventually. Better sooner than later. :)

Jul 25, '14, 4:24 AM
I vote loudly for PotA Nova!

Jul 25, '14, 7:53 AM
Nova and Ripley would be instant pre-orders for me the moment they're offered.

Jul 26, '14, 10:54 AM
A Ripley would be great but no rush, practically, every Retro-Cloth figure NECA is making is a "must have" for me.

Jul 26, '14, 6:42 PM
I sure hope an 8 inch Nova is coming from NECA. That would be awesome.

Gorn Captain
Jul 27, '14, 8:26 AM
Yep, those are all great suggestions, in the SF section.
I'd first have to see their female sculpts, though. I wasn't fond of BBP female figures, they're not easy, especially ones like Nova (with little clothes on)...

I wonder, for their modern horror icons lines, could they include some female ones?

dee T.
Jul 27, '14, 8:38 AM
A retro style Ripley OMG, that would seriously kick some major alien butt.

Jul 27, '14, 9:18 AM
Considering the sheer amount of licenses nECA has, they can really knock out some awesome female figures for their Retro lines:

Ripley from Alien/Aliens
Female Cenobite from Hellraiser
Baby from House of 1,000 Corpses/Devil's Rejects
Sarah Connor from Terminator
Laurie Strode from Halloween & Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street - 'cause where would Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger be without the ladies to chase through the first 2/3 of their respective movies, only for said ladies to throw the bad guys a beating by the movies' end?

Also, I see NECA has the Twilight and Hunger Games licenses. Neither of them is in my wheelhouse, but, hey, other folks here are into 'em, so why not do figures for them as well?

Gorn Captain
Jul 27, '14, 1:57 PM
Sarah Connor would be cool.
Which would mean we'd get Terminators, too!