View Full Version : My megomeet recap.

Jun 13, '14, 11:23 AM
I would like to say this has been my best megomeet so far. I reeally enjoyed meeting some new people fleshboy (rob ) and johnny from canada. Damn weres my captain america shield ? ( an inside joke ) rob is a great guy and i really enjoyed alking to him during the meet and after the meet at the hampton inn sunday morning. Johnny is a really great guy who before the meet i was looking forward to the most. He is a kind passionate fun guy. He loves megos and is down to earth even though he starred in movies. I was expecting someone a bit more into themselves but he was the total opposite . Im glad he finally made it and came to teh races. Pgwyn is another guy who is really cool and im glad i finally put the face to the name. Kevin fiore is a guy who has come to a few megomeets but this is teh first time i atually figured out who he was another down to earth guy. Scott brown who i have talked to over the phone and his family were super cool. I am glad we are friends.fred who i had the pleasure of bringing was another mcronaughts guy who is cool and knows his stuff. He also makes some awesome custom stuff. There are so many others like godzilla i finally put the anme to aface. I have not met a bad person at megomeet yet. I am sorry if i forgot anybody but my mind was a bit preoccupied. I loved seeing some old friends return like hulk art and rose , scott adams and some others i am forgetting im sure. The old friends who continue coming every year tom ,berto, steve moore , derek, scott a and his son, scott random axe, brian , chuck, sean and chad , lee (who kept bumping into me , very suspicious ) another inside joke . Toyman chris and his wife stacey , ray and collette and thier kids.DAVID LEE AND HIS FATHER AND TREKMAN ANTHONY AND HIS FAMILY . DAVID LOCKWOOD AND BOB AND MANY OTHERS. I piked up a boxed huilk from berto the tonto and lone ranger from scott a and a mint farrah from scott brown and A ROSCOE FROM ANTHONY AND A RUDY WELLS FROM ANTHONY.a few other odds and ends from others just parts. I miised amy this year. Hopefully she comes back next year. I am sorry if i forgot anybody but i can not say this enough its not about the megos at the show or what you pick up its the people thats why its called mego meet . Its about teh friends and everybody truly is great . Sorry for the3 long recap. I know i forgot lots of peple but i love you all brotehrs and sisters. Mike

Jun 13, '14, 11:42 AM
Glad you were there this year Mike, and seeing Rick again was great. Sorry for all your transportation issues, but despite what must have been a very frustrating situation, you rolled with it with a smile on your face, even making sure the Races went on as planned. Thanks so much for the keychains, they were awesome and beyond generous. Seeing your table first when I walk into the dealer room always makes me happy.

Jun 13, '14, 12:42 PM
See you next year Mike!! yes, I had a great time getting deals at your table and just hanging out. Fingers crossed next year you have no car troubles:)

Jun 13, '14, 3:16 PM
Always great seeing and talking to you Mike.

Jun 14, '14, 1:14 AM
It was great to meet you too Mike! You are a wonderful guy.
I loved watching you run the batmobile races for the kids!
Thanks for the keychains and emblems also.


Jun 14, '14, 10:17 AM
I'd like to add my thanks for the key chains as well!! My son and I love them!!

Jun 16, '14, 10:40 AM
Yes the key chains have been fabulous over the years!