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Jun 8, '14, 2:30 PM







Jun 8, '14, 3:51 PM
I like how the Kamandi figure turned out.

Jun 8, '14, 7:33 PM
When I got home, I tried to finish up Red Pyramid Head's helmet a bit, and add the color his rusty iron noggin needed.


Random Axe
Jun 8, '14, 7:35 PM
As I mentioned during the judging I'm not nearly cool enough to even know what this is, but I recognize great artwork and customs when I see it and this one you blew up, Ray. Terrific job to everyone who participated and made a figure.

Mego Magyar
Jun 9, '14, 6:49 AM
Which figure won? They all look great.

Jun 9, '14, 11:08 AM
Which figure won? They all look great.

Here are all the ones that took home prizes. ALL the figures were terrific though, especially the ones created by the kids at the Meet. So inspired and so much fun. It really is an impossible task to choose amongst them. Every year the level of talent rises.

Congrats to Acroray who went Out of the Box with his Pyramid Head from Silent Hill, and took home the trophy. The photos don't to it justice, but he did some really cool spatter technique on his, and we could scarcely believe he used CARDBOARD until closer inspection.

Top kids/teen category was the Scarecrow, which could just as easily have been a contender in the grown-up division. She will definitely one to look out for when she does start competing with the adults.

Who made that stage BTW? brilliant stuff.


Jun 9, '14, 3:11 PM
7 year old Eleanor did the Goblin from Clash of Clans. She had the concept, found all the parts she needed (body, head, suit, fat suit, and pants). She painted the head an dressed him. She had me trim Kirks ears with an exact blade and crudely sew on the suspenders.

Jun 10, '14, 10:45 AM
watching the kids, make there customs is priceless every year!!

Jun 11, '14, 7:19 AM
Awesome Stuff!!! It looks like alot of fun for sure!!

Jun 11, '14, 8:16 AM
Who did the Speed Racer... That Helmet is great!!!