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Apr 4, '14, 9:58 PM
I am going to need a ride to Wheeling from the Pittsburgh Airport to the Hampton Inn in Wheeling on June 5
and then back to the Pittsburgh Airport from the Hampton Inn in Wheeling on June 8.

If someone has room and can hook me up please let me know. I would be more than happy to split the
gas and any other expenses.

Thanks a lot,


Apr 6, '14, 5:11 PM
No split the gas, give a brother a ride love for Johnny? Lol.

Apr 7, '14, 7:42 AM
What time you getting in on the 5th? I will be getting in around 5:15pm, I already have car rented

Apr 7, '14, 5:27 PM
I have not booked my flight yet. If we can confirm the ride I will book my flight arrival time to allow for that.
I would be happy to split the rental and gas fees. :)

Apr 8, '14, 7:25 AM
PM sent

Apr 8, '14, 4:43 PM
I still need to book my car but I'm getting in around noon time, if there's no delays. Sunday may be an issue, I fly out real early.

Apr 9, '14, 12:23 AM
PM Sent

Apr 9, '14, 12:55 AM
Thanks for the help guys!!

I think I have it sorted out now.

I appreciate it!!

Apr 10, '14, 11:08 AM
Your welcome