View Full Version : Removing decal from bubble

Jan 1, '14, 12:54 PM
I recently bought a Space 1999 Mysterious Alien action figure. I cannot seem to get the decal off of the plastic bubble. I could use WD 40 but I am afraid that if it got on the card it would ruin it. Is there a product out there that is more safe, lesss flamable, thicker to put on etc. Any help would be awesome.

Jan 1, '14, 2:24 PM
Goo Gone. They sell it in a thick gel.

Jan 1, '14, 10:27 PM
Awesome, thanks for the tip

Mar 9, '15, 9:09 AM
Some white vinegar works pretty well, too. I usually just soak a folded paper towel in the stuff and lay it over the sticker/decal in question. 'Bout 30 minutes later, it slides right off with a minimum of residue.

Mar 10, '15, 3:51 PM
i'm always happy with rubber cement thinner