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Aug 8, '13, 3:50 PM

This year will mark our tenth annual Mego Meet, and we’re determined to get a head start AND keep momentum building until June. Starting with the annual Mego Meet customs auction, we want to make this year the biggest and brightest. To help make this happen, we have enlisted the help of the customizing community and Odeon Toys for what we call “Brick of the Month.” At the beginning of each month, from now through June, we will post a new Brick Mantooth or Super Collector custom submitted by a museum member for the auction. “Brick of the Month” challenges the customizer to take the existing Brick Mantooth or Super Collector and make it entirely theirs, the only limit is imagination and federal laws, I guess. We are pulling out all of the stops to make Mego Meet 2014 the biggest and best yet, and the support we receive through the auction is critical. We hope that the cool customs posted each month will inspire some first-time participants, as well as keep the fire burning from the wonderful folks who have kindly supported us in years past. For August, we’re starting things off with the man and his van. Brick [...]

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Aug 8, '13, 6:23 PM
I have an idea or three for some Brick customs.Where do i sign up? :)

Aug 8, '13, 8:37 PM
So, If I wanted to do a custom using Brick as a base, I would have to submit it along with others for that month and the best would be chosen?

Aug 9, '13, 2:22 PM
Mr Hammer will provide the deets.

EMCE Hammer
Aug 9, '13, 3:34 PM
I am working with a few folks right now, once I have that piece in place updates will flow like rocks.

Starroid Raiders Dagon
Aug 10, '13, 2:11 AM
An excellent idea!

Aug 11, '13, 3:59 PM
this is going to be super fun :cool_y:

Aug 11, '13, 5:16 PM
Great idea!

Aug 13, '13, 8:15 AM
Thats a fun idea. I can't wait to see some of the customs. I actually have one in mind that could work...hmmmmmm.

Aug 14, '13, 4:04 PM
Thinking...... :)
I'm sure it'll hit me like a ton of Bricks :smiley1:

Mr Mego
Aug 14, '13, 4:20 PM
Great idea, I'll join him!! :grin:

Sep 15, '13, 7:55 AM
Is this still happening? Looking forward to seeing the Brick for September. :)

Sep 15, '13, 7:59 AM
Yep! I'm kinda anxious to see it myself.

EMCE Hammer
Sep 15, '13, 8:31 PM
Yep! I'm kinda anxious to see it myself.

I have been assured he will appear any day!