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May 22, '07, 5:13 AM
What a great show. This show really knocked it out of the park for me. Definitely my favorite new network TV show in a while. It had great characters, excellent plot development, super twists and turns, and a distinct ending to the story, while still leaving open the potential for more.

I know they really tried to base this off the graphic novel style of storytelling, and I feel they did it justice.

I will be watching next season, and I'm even looking forward to the mid-season break when they do the mini-spinoff to find a new Hero to join the cast. What a smart way to keep the viewers interested.

I'll miss the Petrelli's, I wonder whether they will bring them back. I don't really think they need to. They managed to kill off a good number of characters this season with no real negative impact to the story. This ensemble method really seems to work well.

Next season can't come quickly enough! Hiro looks like he'd got himself into another fine mess. :grin:

May 22, '07, 6:12 AM
Completely agree. I really enjoy the season as a whole but last night's show set the bar high for next season. Also liked how they let Sylar crawl off into the gutter leaving him open to a return. Seems that no character is safe which is fine by me. You never know what is next. Hrio's adventures are the best of the bunch!

Adam West
May 22, '07, 7:45 AM
It was fabulous.

I got into the show about halfway into the season but was able to pick up to the main story line within a few episodes.

My son and I watch the show and things started happening so quickly at the beginning of the finale that I was literally yelling for my son to get to the tv pronto or he was going to miss out.

May 22, '07, 8:34 AM
I must disagree. I thought last nights episode was F-ing stupid. I may be done after this season.


Why the hell did Peter have to be flown into the air by his brother? Uh...duh...Peter can fly too! They casually killed all the cool "Bad" guys like Eric Roberts and Malcom McDowell, basically for no reason. The fight between Sylar and Peter was stupid and I'm still trying to figure out what the point of Ali Larter's character is on this show.

And all that "feel good" BS at the end with the little girl and Parkman, Nathan and Peter, Nathan & Claire, and Claire & her Father = *BARF*

Another case of huge build up and no delivery, This is exactly why I don't watch the show "Lost" anymore.

knight errant00
May 22, '07, 12:31 PM
I liked last week's set-up better.

Everyone used their powers last time in effective and interesting ways--DL, Sylar. Hiro picked up some significant training from his father, Peter decided it was all-or-nothing when the time comes and then . . .

I knew I wasn't going to get an all-out JLA vs Avengers kind of fight, but still, the choreography came down to Sylar standing in the middle of a *completely empty* street in NY (?!) and each main character taking one shot at him. Neither he nor Peter used their powers as effectively as either has done in the past (like in Suresh's apartment a couple eps back)--Claude trained Peter better than that, and I half-expected *he* might appear to take an invisible shot at Sylar. And after all the sword training and time manipulation practice they put Hiro through, he just *ran at Sylar and stabbed him?* No real give and take, no slowing time and materializing at the last instant to save someone else? No cool cuts and deflections as he controlled time to slow Sylar's thown stuff and close in? None of the heroes coordinated or worked together to take Sylar down--Even Fantastic Four got that element right at the end.

How about Ando--he's Robin, Bucky, and Rick Jones alll rolled into one, and should have been there.

Although you can make the excuse that he was under a lot of stress and not much in control, but wasn't flight the *first* power Peter ever demonstrated?

And then Sylar crawled off while no one was looking--classic comic book, perhaps, but out of tone with the show's "comic-book-but-not" approach . . . why didn't he just explode himself, if he was in good enough shape to crawl away? Unless he was dragged away by the *other boogeyman* . . .

The whole Molly-revealing-there's-a-worse-bogeman-than-Sylar thing was actually kind of annoying--Purely set up for next season, better saved for ep 1 in the fall . . . we've seen no foreshadowing that I can recall of another supervillain, and it seemd shoehorned in. I'm hoping that maybe some of the things everyone assumed were Sylar this season weren't, and again, maybe he stole Sylar away at the end.

A lot of it was just leaving vague "maybe he's dead" endings to a bunch of the main sharacters and then tying big pretty bows to wrap up their individual stories .

That said, I didn't hate it. I'd give it a C+/B- . But they've done *a lot* better in the past (like the last 3 eps, all A's), and it was a letdown. The writing just really seemed sloppy this episode, and not up to what they've done before--bad thing for a planned seaon finale.

I'll be watching in the fall though . . .


May 22, '07, 3:02 PM

Why the hell did Peter have to be flown into the air by his brother? Uh...duh...Peter can fly too! .

This was my beef too. I LOVE the show (and LOST too, BTW), but that and the big battle with Sylar were a little flimsy.

May 22, '07, 5:18 PM
I had never seen the show before last night. My friend caught me up on all the characters and their powers beforehand, so I was not lost or bewildered at all. I found the show very engaging and exciting!

My favorite character was definitely Hiro. I liked the Evil Dead 2-style ending to the show. I look forward to seeing his adventures in medieval Japan!

I pointed out to my despairing friend that Nathan might easily have dropped Peter in the air and zinged off out of range before the latter exploded. So Nathan may still be alive. And as far as we know, so too could Peter be, because we don't really know if he also exploded. The exact nature of that power is unknown, as is Peter's potential for absorbing other powers.

All in all a very well-done show! I look forward to more....

May 23, '07, 9:35 AM
I'm fairly confident that, while Nathan is 100% dead, Peter will turn out to be alive.

They already demonstrated that when what's-his-head (radioactive man Peter absorbed the nuclear power from) didn't die when he "exploded" in the Bennett house, so why would Peter? Sure, he'd fall a few thousand feet, but he also absorbed Claire's powers of healing. So he'll be back.

Why couldn't Peter fly himself? I wondered that as well. Perhaps he can only use one of his powers at once, and his nuclear powers were stuck on the "on" position?

I love the show, but agree with some of the criticisms re: the showdown at the end. That said, I can't wait for January 2008!


Comic Book Geek
May 23, '07, 12:04 PM
While it wasn't the best episode by a long run, it's still a good show.

I think peter can only use one power at a time, but a simple explanation would have been nice.

Nathan could still be alive if he threw peter and flew away quick.

My main issues is that so many things happened contrary to the future. I would have loved a few clear crossroads moments in which history was changed.. Nicky didn't take the money, Hiro saved his friend. The big one was Nathan and that was clear. I thought it was a bit anticlamatic but nathan doing the right thing was a great moment.