View Full Version : question on making Custom Emblems

May 21, '07, 6:45 PM
Were would be a great place to get Emblem templates and Or what is the best way to go about making them.
I was thinking that I could use my printer and maybe some Medical Tape taped to a sheet of paper. So that the Printer would print on the Medical Tape.
Then I could cut the emblem out and remove the wax paper from the Medical tape emblem and stick it to the Costum. Any one have know of a better way?

May 21, '07, 7:04 PM
Links to emblems on the left... (http://www.megomuseum.com/custom/customblog.html)

Print it on sticker paper...

May 22, '07, 6:32 AM
Bobbait makes some really nice iron on ones.

May 23, '07, 1:13 AM
And a tutorial on making them yourself here (http://www.megomuseum.com/custom/clothemblems.shtml)