View Full Version : Anyone interested in a Mini Mego Gathering in Boston?

jet jungle
Jul 12, '11, 8:39 PM
Me, Bob and Dave had such a great time last month that we are thinking about having a smaller scale Mego Meet in the Boston area (Somerville to be precise) sometime in the fall for collectors around the northeast area. Bob and Dave own a comicbook/toy store and would host it there or a bigger venue depending on how many people are interested. Just wanted to gage interest. Drop us a line and let us know what you think. Thanks guys.

Jul 12, '11, 9:24 PM
Boston's a fun town! I drove out there for an event last year and it wasn't a bad road trip at all (despite the wife getting a speeding ticket). What is the name of the comic shop? I checked out a few of them around town. One suggestion though, you might want to call it something other than a "Meet", just to avoid confusion with the Annual WV event. (I like Boston Mego! 'cause it kinda sounds like Boston Legal)

Jul 12, '11, 9:37 PM
If the the timing is right I'd probably go.

jet jungle
Jul 12, '11, 10:52 PM
Their shop is called Comicazi and is located in Davis Square, Somerville. Duly noted on calling it something other than Meet. We're hoping that there is enough interest to make this happen.

Jul 13, '11, 12:26 AM
i'd be interested to going to it. i'm in ct.

Jul 13, '11, 8:29 AM
I would be there if the schedule was clear that weekend.

The Bat
Jul 13, '11, 11:00 AM
I interested once I know the day. I work Sundays, so if it's not a Saturday...then I couldn't go.

The Super Collector
Jul 13, '11, 1:26 PM
I'd just like to go visit comicazi.....

Aug 7, '11, 1:05 PM
i would go and ric would probally go if he had teh day off. i would definitly go.

Aug 7, '11, 6:23 PM
Perhaps if a date were announced so that those who need to make travel arrangements can see about their schedules?

Aug 7, '11, 9:45 PM
I might make the trip if you had a firm date.

Aug 8, '11, 9:14 PM
i might be interested if my schedule is clear that weekend

Aug 11, '11, 5:17 AM
I would definitely go. I live in new york city. So the trip for me to Boston wouldn't be bad at all.

jet jungle
Aug 11, '11, 7:51 AM
The date has been set. Saturday, November 12. I started a new thread about it.