View Full Version : BUST broke and beaten!!!!

Jun 11, '11, 11:12 AM
Well My MegoMeet plans went Bust. I'm 1.3 Hours away by car. I was hoping to get some cash from Auctions and jobs I did for folks but that fell appart. I could'nt even scrape enough cash for gas and food. Oh well. Maybe I'll be better off next year.

Jun 11, '11, 11:32 AM
Sorry to hear that.. I'm just workin' in the backyard this weekend. Keeping up on things by blog.

Hoping everyone there's having a good time! Some folks there are getting my PayPal payments this weekend, so that'll give 'em some additional spending fodder.


Jun 11, '11, 5:00 PM
Sorry yo missed it... I got some nice pieces and would have spent more but everything I was looking for wasn't there... I was thoroughly ready to spend more than the $1100 I spent....

Jun 11, '11, 8:48 PM
My last MM. I was ready. I had a surplace of $1000 + bucks to play with and pretty much spent it all. What I'm gonna miss is the special figures people make for the show. I got my Evil Knievel, Khan and Kromedome. Ticks me off to know the figures and goodies that I'm gonna miss this year.