View Full Version : Stupid question time

Jun 7, '11, 12:22 AM
I'm thinking of just driving down Saturday to MM and checkin in. I missed last year because of work. I totally forget. Do I have to pay a registration fee or not. I'm not getting a room or anything. Just drive down, Hang out then split.

Also... Where's the MM web page? I cant even find the link.

Jun 7, '11, 10:40 AM
megomeet.org !

I do believe you can just drop by and pay at the door. And the museum itself is a blast, entry to which is included in your MM door fee.

Jun 7, '11, 1:15 PM
Hey Ray!
In that case think I'll wait and pay on site. Just incase some emergency screws me out of showing.
PS. If you recall a big fat red headed guy from MM 9 and 10. Thats me.