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Apr 27, '11, 10:26 AM
Thought I'd run this by the experts here. On a recent thrift store excursion. I found a 70/80's ken doll. The thing that grabbed my attention was his arms were exactly like Big Jim arms. So I picked him up and flexed the arms and it had the muscle flex like a Big Jim. I didnt think too much more of it and put the doll back. I dont collect Barbie or Big Jim stuff anymore so...
Lately though I've been thinking I should have examined it better. I didnt check to see if the arm was removable like a Big Jim's arm connection. I dont currently own any Jims to compare arm lengths. But seeing how Ken dolls are so common in thrift stores. Could this be a good source of replacement limbs for Big Jim collectors? Since Mattel made both items and often swapped accessories between Jim and Barbie. Could this be another example?

Anyway, I brought this up because I know many here are multi platform collectors and if this might help someone who is trying to restore a Big Jim or 2. I'd also like to find out more on this subject.

kingdom warrior
Apr 27, '11, 10:40 AM
I'd like to see a pic of it. only because Ken dolls are 11 inches and Jim's are 9. I don't think swapping arms are possible, but I'm curious to see the Ken you have.

Sorry just realized you put it back.....

Apr 27, '11, 11:04 AM
Yeah ken came with the flex arm first I believe.in the late 60's early 70's

Earth 2 Chris
Apr 27, '11, 11:21 AM
My wife has an old Ken whose arms are rather stubby and made like Big Jim's. I'm no Jim expert, but they look like they are the exact same arms. Not sure if Mattel made it this way, or some enterprising kid fixed their Ken in this fashion. The arms look a bit too short for Ken.


Apr 27, '11, 1:26 PM
Sport & Shave Ken (1979) and All Star Ken (1981) used Big Jim style arms.

Apr 27, '11, 2:07 PM
^^ You are correct Sir.

Apr 27, '11, 3:22 PM
Sport & Shave Ken (1979) and All Star Ken (1981) used Big Jim style arms.

I was going to mention these, also. And Mattel later reused many BJ shoes & accessories for the Barbie lines.

Apr 27, '11, 3:31 PM
Learn something every day...

Apr 28, '11, 8:37 AM
I'm hoping to get back over to the G-will. Hopefully I can find one and this time I'll examine it better. Maybe I'll even buy it. It all breaks down to that shoulder connector. My Goodwill is a pay by the pound deal. Most items are loose and go fast. So hopefully I can get lucky and find another. Barbie stuff seems to linger over there longer. Go fig...