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May 17, '07, 4:39 PM
Hello. I'm working on my first custom, I have messed around with spare parts and paints, but this will be my first real effort.
I will take a couple pictures and put them here when he is ready. All I want to say right now is that he is a 12" custom, an alter-ego for Dr. Evil, and that he is an original character. Oh, and he has a purple complexion and he has large wings made of purple cloth and plastic. (They are articulated and can fold behind him as well..) I have some neat 'scenes' in mind to photograph, involving this character and Captain Action.

He will be done soon. He will even have a custom mask.....Try and think of a mixture of The Blank from Dick Tracy and the BatMan villian ClayFace.

"Dr. Evil as ...The PLAGUE!"


May 17, '07, 5:09 PM
Sounds interesting, looking forward to it

May 17, '07, 5:40 PM
A Dr. Evil custom would be appreciated more on a Captain Action forum. Why not make the character as a custom Mego?

May 17, '07, 6:26 PM
cool, can't wait to see it, either.

May 17, '07, 6:30 PM
Thanks guys, I hope he turns out ok.

Funny you mention that ABMAC, my girl said the purple wings are more scaled for 7~10" figures...hmmmm.. I have ideas and designs, and most of the parts...I'm not sure, maybe I will go 8". I'm going to be doing most of the second and third-string characters from the Apes movies anyhow, and this way he would be in scale..

...Then again, I like the 12" a lot as well... Hmmm....you had to say that, eh? :googly:


May 17, '07, 8:50 PM
Well whatever size you make, I'm sure it'll be interesting. I'm looking forward to you post.

May 17, '07, 9:46 PM
Sounds cool. I can't wait to see the wings.

May 18, '07, 6:44 AM
That sounds cool. I LOVE Dr. Evil!!!