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Aug 29, '07, 8:27 PM

Red Guardian was the Soviet's anwser to Captain America, also the ex-husband to the Black Widow.Great box by the Toyroom!! Suit by me, head is from Dave Lee slightly altered, boots are the Docs and hands by Russ, also his belt buckle comes off to be used as a weapon, it's a magnet (got idea from Tbolts CA) just like in the comics, he throws it and it comes back because its a magnet.thanks for looking!!

Aug 29, '07, 8:29 PM
Hey, he looks terrific! Love the box, too!

- Ian

The Toyroom
Aug 29, '07, 8:29 PM
That rocks Bob! What a sharp, clean looking figure! Love that belt too, nice touch!

Aug 29, '07, 8:36 PM
Totally AWESOME!!! The head just rocks, very realistic style paint. The removable disk is a neat idea, might have to steal that idea for one of my customs:wink:

Aug 29, '07, 8:39 PM
Super work Bob! Extremely creative and well executed. That is one sharp custom bro.

Aug 29, '07, 9:02 PM
Very nice, Bob. I think it is a great construction!

A side note, I also bought a bunch of those heads from David. They have come in handy. I think it would be cool to see how many customs have been put together using that head. This also reminds me how much I miss Corey Wood. He is a true talent!

Again, great effort. I might have to follow your lead. I have one head left!

Aug 29, '07, 9:08 PM
wow bro this one looks even better then your brother :grin: j/k but it does look good man

Aug 30, '07, 12:09 AM
very nice work bob you keep making customs better each time

Aug 30, '07, 2:32 AM
Dead on perfect, Bob and very Megolike. Sweet box too

Aug 30, '07, 3:18 AM
Don't know the character, but you have done a great paint job...nice figure.

Aug 30, '07, 3:26 AM
Great job, Bob. I see I should have patented the magnet shield idea. ;)

Dave Mc
Aug 30, '07, 5:08 AM
Another good one Bob!

Aug 30, '07, 6:06 AM
Great Job
I like the suit and the box

Aug 30, '07, 1:18 PM
I'm impressed! It's very Mego-like. The box is cool.

Aug 30, '07, 1:36 PM
Wow Bob I think ya nailed it. Good works all the way around from the sewing to the paints. Really nice work dude.

kingdom warrior
Aug 30, '07, 3:54 PM
Man that Is Awesome!!!!

Aug 30, '07, 4:04 PM
Wow, just a really nice and clean custom figure man. I really enjoy seeing how well your work turns out.

Aug 30, '07, 6:03 PM
Really nice work, is that a Bullseye head you modified?

Aug 30, '07, 11:36 PM
Hmm...I don't recognize the character at all but he looks pretty cool.Nice job.
Now you just need to set up a Cap and red battle scene.

mego boy CA
Aug 31, '07, 12:07 AM
looks great! this is the reason why i like customs. :yes:

Alberto Malnati
Sep 3, '07, 6:20 AM
Da!,Da! towarich...here we go! Perfect ! the figure and the box with the script in cirillico's alphabet absolutely perfect...great stuff...compliments to both!!:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah: