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Earth 2 Chris
Aug 22, '07, 9:01 PM
I haven't posted a custom here in a long time. My customizing skills aren't much compared to most here, but I enjoy doing it. I like to keep my customs looking as if Mego had made them. I like the Mego aesthetic, and it kind of helps hide my novice skills.:biggrin:


Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how this Hawkman turned out. I've been working on him for well over a year, here and there. For the helmet I used a DM Batman cowl, wings from a little plastic bird and Crayola model magic for the beak and to smooth things out.


His head is obviously a Mr. Fantastic head. I painted zombie gray Reed Richards head I had. I felt like Reed's curly hair would work for a Murphy Anderson type Silver Age Hawkman. The wings are a Polar Lights reissue of an old Monster accessory model kit set by Aurora. The mace is from a Marx Noble Knight. I thought these old pieces gave it a more Mego feel. If Mego had made Hawkman, his wings would have probably been kept pretty small and managable. The green tights were CTVT Wolfman tights painted green with a fabric marker. Red DM shorts and boots round it up, with some yellow electric tape for the straps.


I have some other customs in the work, and many others I never got around to posting here yet, but this was my most ambitious so far. I'm pleased with it.


Aug 22, '07, 9:20 PM
Excellent job,better than anything i could do for sure.Give yourself alot more credit

The Toyroom
Aug 22, '07, 9:32 PM
Chris, that is freakin' awesome! I love the removable helmet but I think what really sold me was the Mr Fantastic head repaint! Definitely reminiscent of a Murphy Anderson Hawk as you said. All the other accessories and touches really round out a fantastic figure!

Aug 22, '07, 9:32 PM
tats really nice. great to have a hawkman.

Aug 22, '07, 9:57 PM
That is just Brilliant!!! I am now on the look-out for a little plastic bird. Great job and the Marx mace is Perfect. The re-paint on the head is what makes it look just like what Mego should have done. Take a Bow!!!

Aug 22, '07, 10:19 PM
Nice job! The helmet looks factory made.

Aug 22, '07, 10:21 PM
I love it! Great resourcefulness in your use of parts! And that cowl is GREAT!

Aug 22, '07, 10:23 PM
That Helmet looks fantastic!
The head repaint really does look like Katar too. Gotta agree on the wings too...I think Mego would have made them small, or made them out of printed felt.

Aug 22, '07, 10:52 PM
Oh, wow! I love it!:drool_y:

I've always wished Mego would have done Hawkman and this is what I imagined it would have looked like.

Great job, Chris!

Aug 22, '07, 10:56 PM
That is a big slice of Mego Hawkman pie right there!! Get him a box or a card and he'll look like something that stepped off a 1974 Sears Wish Book page!! Great work Chris

Aug 22, '07, 10:58 PM
Sharp. Nice effort. I too like the repaint.

Aug 22, '07, 11:18 PM
I love it Chris. Extremely innovative and excellently executed.

The Bat
Aug 22, '07, 11:27 PM
Wow...that's IMPRESSIVE! That Helmut is something else! Fine Work!

Aug 22, '07, 11:29 PM
I'm not even a Hawkman fan, and I really like your custom.:smile: Very Mego like. Good job.

Aug 22, '07, 11:59 PM
He turned out fantastic,the removable mask looks real nice. I think ya did a wondefull job on him.

Aug 23, '07, 12:01 AM
very neat figure

Aug 23, '07, 12:21 AM
Looks good. That's a flail, btw, not a mace.

mego boy CA
Aug 23, '07, 12:24 AM
that's one awsome lookin' hawkman! :hokay:

Aug 23, '07, 4:53 AM
Wow, that is fantastic. Great use of parts, but that cowl is most impressive

Dave Mc
Aug 23, '07, 6:25 AM
That really came out great. Especially the helmet. Nice work!

Aug 23, '07, 6:26 AM
My post is a question and a compliment rolled into one:


Congratulations Chris---you deserve some kind of award, like a "leg statue" or
something :)

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 23, '07, 7:03 AM
Wow thanks guys. I didn't expect to get such a response. So many of you guys create customs that look better than anything ever put out at retail. It really means a lot coming from you all. I really appreciate it.

I kind of wish I'd posted some of my other customs first. They aren't as good as the Hawkman.:)

And thanks for correcting me on that flail Anthony. I wasn't sure if it was called a mace, but I felt it was mace-like enough. I would have liked to have given him an actual Hawkman-style mace, but I've seen him use the flail before in the comics.


Alberto Malnati
Aug 23, '07, 7:53 AM
Absolutely MEGOISH!!!!!Q:yes:
veeeery nice!:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:

Aug 23, '07, 12:15 PM
Best darn "what would mego do" Custom of Hawkman I have ever scene.. Congrats Bro. That Helmet is real nice.

Aug 23, '07, 3:19 PM
I think you did an excellent job. You sell your self short on your customizing abilities. Keep up the good work.

Aug 23, '07, 3:28 PM
That is one clean, very Mego-esque Hawkman. I love the removable helmet. Great work!

Aug 23, '07, 5:08 PM
Very cool. I've wondered how that Model Magic does. Does it hold up well? What's it like when its dry?

The Toyroom
Aug 23, '07, 6:13 PM
I keep coming back to look at this one! Once again, outstanding job Chris! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 23, '07, 7:27 PM
Very cool. I've wondered how that Model Magic does. Does it hold up well? What's it like when its dry?

I've been using it for about 10 years, and those customs have held up pretty well. I used it on some 9" DC figures for little things (like making Green Arrow's beard) and it's still on, and not brittle.

I wouldn't recommend it to sculpt anything large, but its good for little things, like Hawkman's beak. You can smooth it out with a little water, which is nice. It dries really quick, which can be a good thing, or a bad thing if you don't work quickly!

Thanks again for the kind words everyone. I'll try to get some pics of my other customs up in the next few days.


kingdom warrior
Aug 23, '07, 9:09 PM
Fantastic Work! Amazing Job you did with the mask!...I also use model Magic but only for accesories Like Helmets etc.....Very Mego like!

Aug 25, '07, 7:37 AM
Best removeable mask I have ever seen.


Aug 25, '07, 9:13 AM
Very nice. The helmet is excellent.

Aug 25, '07, 8:23 PM
Very nice work, where did you get the wings?

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 25, '07, 8:57 PM
Very nice work, where did you get the wings?

The helmet wings came from a small plastic bird I got in a set of such birds at Big Lots a few years ago. I also managed to get a nice Mego scale owl for a Dr. Mid-Nite out of that set.

The "flying" wings were from a Polar Lights reissue of an old Aurora monster model kit accessory set. They are supposed to go on a vulture.

Thanks for looking!


Sep 3, '07, 7:53 PM
nice,good work and both the capture of both the mego and silver age look.

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 5, '07, 7:26 AM
nice,good work and both the capture of both the mego and silver age look.

Thanks Hawkmike! Considering your name and avatar, I take that as quite a compliment!


Sep 5, '07, 9:32 AM
I'm late to see him, but your Hawkman looks fantastic, Chris!!!

- Ian

Sep 5, '07, 5:13 PM
Very nice. I wouldn't dis on your own custom skills if I were you cuz this is tops. Always thought Hawkman would be one of the harder characters to pull off in a genuine Mego style but you've done it, RC no less. I'm curious, how did you attach the various elements to the cowl?

Sep 5, '07, 9:33 PM
i must say chris all your work is great. you are a good customiser.

Earth 2 Chris
Sep 6, '07, 7:01 AM
Thanks again guys. I guess I did beat up on myself pretty hard in my first post here. I'm my own worst critic. I really do want to improve though. Time will tell...

I'm curious, how did you attach the various elements to the cowl?

For the helmet I just cut down the repro Batman cowl's neck to make those things that hang down from Hawkman's cheekbones, and then I super-glued the wings on. I smoothed over the gaps with Model Magic and I also sculpted the beak that way. It's sticky enough to adhere and stay there, especially if you wet it somewhat.


Sep 9, '07, 11:44 AM
That is pretty darn cool. A fine job indeed