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Aug 22, '07, 12:57 AM
Hello Im in the progress of outfiting the new Batman and I thought he might need an arch enemy . Mr. Freeze should bring a cold dark winter storm to Gothom. Might do Scare Crow to go with this set. And a mystery figure.
Im gona try tp put a light in the helmet shinning up on his face tommorow. Something very small you cant see till lit. I can hide everything in the back pack. I'll post finished pics of Mr Freeze with the Batman once done and complete. thanks for looking

Aug 22, '07, 2:03 AM

Chris, that is absolutely fantastic. Love all the detail, the armor is way cool and that gun kicks major ***. Could we also get a view on the backpack?
And I would love to see you tackle the Scarecrow :grin:

Man of Action
Aug 22, '07, 2:24 AM
Your figures are in a whole other league!AMAZING..simply AMAZING..:yes:

Aug 22, '07, 3:26 AM
Excellent as usual!! What did you use for the elbow and knee joints? I've been trying to find something to do the same thing.

The Toyroom
Aug 22, '07, 6:02 AM
I'm surprised I'm the first to say..."Very cooool, Chris!"

Alberto Malnati
Aug 22, '07, 6:30 AM
you got another time man!:yeah::yeah::yeah:

Aug 22, '07, 6:33 AM
That is spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 22, '07, 7:26 AM
I think you really out did yourself this time Chris.

Excellent work!!

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 22, '07, 7:29 AM

That is stunning. DCD should hire you. That is beyond customs.


The Bat
Aug 22, '07, 7:47 AM
I LOVE IT!!!!!! It reminds Me of BATMAN:TAS version...which is My favorite telling of Mr.Freeze's Origin! GREAT Job Chris!:smile:

Aug 22, '07, 7:58 AM
That is AMAZING! Great figure and great photos. Is it wrong to be intimidated by an action figure?

Aug 22, '07, 8:34 AM
best mr freeze by a landslide!i am totally ignorant when it comes to mini lights hope you explain what you used!(and how)

Aug 22, '07, 8:55 AM
Is that made with your new body? It poses so naturally, it just looks phenomenal. All the detailing is fantastic as well. Whoa.

Aug 22, '07, 9:12 AM
Wow, that's remarkable looking Chris. You should be proud.

Aug 22, '07, 9:44 AM
dude I don't know how you do these things,these figures are so freakin' cool.They look so real

Aug 22, '07, 9:50 AM
That one just blows me away!!! Freakin' AMAZIN'!!!

I love the helmet and your photos are insanely wonderful!!!

Aug 22, '07, 9:51 AM
Simply amazing.

Aug 22, '07, 10:18 AM
Well that's just lovely!:yes:

Aug 22, '07, 11:05 AM
an amazing figure. great job.

Aug 22, '07, 1:41 PM
Hey thanks guys for all the nice feedback on the Freeze. Im real happy with him so far. Im still doing a few things to him , I have an additional add to him I think youll really like once done. I'll post pics of him and the bat engaded in combat later this week.
Im glad you guys liked him, he was based on the Tas version.You are correct.:)
I really liked that Mr. Freeze. I wanted to give him that look but based more in a real feel look. Thanks again for all the kind words on my work. heres something I thought would go good with the theme check it out I think youll like it. :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFDTMW3_ilE

Aug 22, '07, 2:53 PM
That is absolutely fantastic. I can only dream of putting together a custom half as cool as that!!

Aug 22, '07, 3:05 PM
He is AWESOME! You have amazing talents!

Aug 22, '07, 6:06 PM
I am not a DC fan at all - but a fantastic custom is a fantastic custom...DC figure or not! I agree - DCD should hire you to make/design their figures.

Aug 22, '07, 6:29 PM
Really nice Chris . . . . . I think this is your best work yet . . . and that is saying quite a lot! Congrats!

Aug 22, '07, 6:43 PM
Awesome Chris
You have outdone yourself with this one

Dave Mc
Aug 22, '07, 8:09 PM
I've never been a fan of the character, but I always love seeing the customs of the character. This is another outstanding Freeze. I'm always impressed with your armor. I need to figure out something like that so I can one day finish my Boba Fett.

Aug 22, '07, 8:25 PM
Fantastic...he's great...love it.

Aug 22, '07, 10:56 PM
What's left to say?

Love your stuff and always look forward to seeing the next piece!

mego boy CA
Aug 23, '07, 12:27 AM
wow! wow! wow! LOVE IT, GREAT JOB!!!!!!

Aug 23, '07, 12:33 AM
"Allow me to break the ice. My name is Freeze. Learn it well. For it's the chilling sound of your doom."

"I'm afraid my condition has left me cold to your pleas of mercy."

Even the Arnuld-Freezinator quakes before this Mr. Freeze! Terrific work, both on the figure and the pics.

Aug 23, '07, 1:58 AM
That is simply beyond incredible.

Aug 23, '07, 6:30 AM
Its quite clear that's a killer custom---but, dude, you're like
a master photographer too! Frozen kudos--my man!

Aug 23, '07, 12:19 PM
Outstanding work Cap, one of your best. Love the whole Helmet , & what you did there. The armory is fantastic as well. Great stuff, congrats.

Aug 23, '07, 2:52 PM
Zowie, your paint apps are slammin' man. Awesome jobby, to say the least!

Aug 23, '07, 3:13 PM
Some awesome work there.