View Full Version : bullseye (re-styled)

Alberto Malnati
Aug 21, '07, 7:31 AM
after the dd restyling i can't avoid to improve my bullseye custom(did almost 5 years ago).
the head is a Laurie's "masked wrestler" which i've carved a bit the cowl and added the ears..the bodysuit is in lycra
here follow the useless essay to post the pics in the topic


Aug 21, '07, 8:45 AM
Can't see anything Al!

Alberto Malnati
Aug 21, '07, 1:42 PM
Sorry Megospidey...but it took to me years to learn how to post pics in the old forum....i'm trying :ugh_y::ugh_y::ugh_y:

Aug 21, '07, 4:28 PM
Thomas to the rescue again :grin:


Awesome stuff again, Al... as usual :wink_y:

Aug 21, '07, 4:37 PM
Ahhhh...Thanks Thomas!

Great work Al! Especially nice job with the suit!

Aug 21, '07, 4:42 PM
Ahhhh...Thanks Thomas!

No problem, I'm kinda used to it with Al :wink_y: :smiley1:

Aug 21, '07, 4:53 PM
wow Alberto great job man :2thumbsup:

mego boy CA
Aug 21, '07, 10:59 PM
that bullseye looks really good. :hokay:

Aug 21, '07, 11:12 PM
just liek the comic. great likeness. cool figure

Aug 22, '07, 12:40 AM
Hey nice looking Bullseye,I think ya nailed it. I really like the colors too ,they pop! Nice work dude

Alberto Malnati
Aug 22, '07, 6:36 AM
Thanks gentlemen , happy you liked...and Thomas....thanks as usual...but i promise ...i will get by myself soon or later:enraged:....probably later:silly:

Aug 22, '07, 9:55 AM
He looks great!!! I love the way you painted the head!!!

Aug 23, '07, 12:22 PM
Great work Al. One of your best for sure. Love how you went with dark Blue over black for the body suit. I think the look fits the character real nice. Very nice clean work. Congrats. :yes:

Earth 2 Chris
Aug 23, '07, 12:30 PM
Wow, that is sharp. The colors, the clean lines, very well done!


Aug 23, '07, 2:50 PM
He looks really nice Alberto. I don't know if you did it on purpose or not but the expression he has matches the expression of the one in the background:) good going.

Aug 23, '07, 3:56 PM
That's a real tight job there Al---nice costume-era choice too!