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Man of Action
Aug 18, '07, 12:19 AM
http://i144.photobucket.com/albums/r169/disneydino/s8001086.jpg just wanted to thank Mego73 for this very sweet JJ card..also thanks to David Lee for the clamshell...

Aug 18, '07, 3:30 AM
Hey hey, a Jet Jungle card... how cool

Aug 18, '07, 5:08 AM
Really neat idea! Makes me want to eat some oatmeal this morning. :grin:

monkey tennis
Aug 18, '07, 10:53 AM
That's really cool and will look gr8 on display.
Is he wearing Action Man boots ?

Aug 18, '07, 11:05 AM
thats cool. i think the guys here make awesom stuff. from cards to customs. mike

Aug 18, '07, 12:42 PM

Looks good with proper AJ boots, think I'll put them on my JJ as well.

Aug 18, '07, 1:32 PM
Love the Groucho marx eyebrows:grin:

Aug 18, '07, 2:43 PM
Jet Jungle is his name
Oatmeal and adventure is his game
eat your fully balanced breakfast
then call on me...


Aug 18, '07, 8:00 PM
I like. My JJ is jealous now.

kingdom warrior
Aug 19, '07, 8:51 PM
Neato!...I gotta get my lazy butt to do a JJ....Nice work!

Aug 19, '07, 10:43 PM
I love the jet jungle figures...nice peice Thomas

Aug 20, '07, 7:20 AM
That card looks GREAT!!! I got my Jet loose and he just hangs around the Action Jacksons hoping to be picked for the team!!!

Aug 27, '07, 8:43 AM
Man, I can't wait to put together a JJ, I wanna make the whole cast of characters as well and do a photoshop Robot Chicken sorta thing on the Jet Jungle Myspace.