View Full Version : yellow silver age superman symbol

Aug 15, '07, 10:29 AM
can anyone get me a good clear shot of the yellow s on superman's cape? thanks

The Toyroom
Aug 15, '07, 12:16 PM
It should be the same as whatever you're using for the front logo, only in all yellow...no difference.

Aug 15, '07, 1:39 PM
The User Gallery has a whole section of emblems:

Superman Emblems (http://megomuseum.com/mmgallery/browseimages.php?c=22&userid=)

Aug 15, '07, 2:22 PM
What's up Mike?

Just my two cents, but I really like how Alex Ross replaced the black line with red.

Aug 16, '07, 11:13 PM
the ar one look pretty cool