View Full Version : Silicone rubber for head moulds

Jul 20, '07, 3:12 PM
I was wondering if silicone rubber is any good for making moulds of Mego heads?
Does anyone here ever use it?

I've used it to make 2 part moulds for casting white metal figures and parts but not mego scale heads, would it damage the vinyl head in any way, would the detail be as good?
If so, can i make a mould in the same way as with the reoflex ie: suspend the head and pour the rubber around it or do i have to make a 2 part mould?

I normally use Reoflex but have just ran out and i've got a full tin of silicone rubber sitting on my shelf.

Jul 20, '07, 4:11 PM
I've done it with a Mego Robin head and a Superman head. The silicone (Oomoo and Aluminite) did a perfect job at making molds of each of the heads. In both cases the rubber did no damage to the heads but I would think that if the heads were left in the rubber for too long there might be some kind of reaction that would damage the vinyl head.

Jul 21, '07, 5:52 AM
I don't know those makes. I use RTV-101 from Tiranti.

Thanks for your help guys, i'll try and find a scrappy head to test it on.

Jul 21, '07, 8:45 AM
You really dn't need to worry about it harming your mego heads. It won't. Believe me, I've made a mego head mold from bondo and if that stuff with all it's heat doesn't harm one of those heads then silicone rubber won't harm them:)

Jul 21, '07, 11:14 AM

I use nothing but GI-1000 RTV silicone for my molds. Good stuff. With a little practice you can control it's pot life and everything. Captures amazing amounts of detail.

Normally it doesn't stick to anything; but I had it stick a bit to my Glo-Mummy head. (I used superglue soaked strips of coarse cloth, and the silicone flowed through the weave) I had it stick to pewter too; but nobody can figger that one out.

You can make a fair number of casts from it too. Most molds don't start deteriorating until 50 copies or so. Although fine detail might hasten the process; as will an awkward mold that requires weird extraction.

Don C.