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Mar 12, '09, 11:20 PM
http://www.plaidstallions.com/mattel/congost1977.jpg (http://www.plaidstallions.com/mattel/congost.html)
While Big Jim rode off into the sunset on the back of a Howler motorcycle in 1976 in North America, his story does not end. In much of Europe, Big Jim enjoyed much more success, actually running until the mid 1980s.
1977, Big Jim was carried in Spain by a company called Congost, who carried all the traditional Big Jim items but also branched the line out into an Old West Line, later years would see Jim as a Spy, a Pirate and even a Space Adventurer.
Check out the 1977 Congost Big Jim Catalog (http://www.plaidstallions.com/mattel/congost.html)


No Big Josh figures were harmed in the production of this catalog

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Mar 12, '09, 11:23 PM
lol! that guys looks hilarious all messed up like that :smiley1:

Mar 12, '09, 11:59 PM
only had the wolf pack big jim but he was my favorite!

Bionic Joe
Mar 13, '09, 12:50 AM
Wasn't into BIG JIM as a kid and i just can't get into them now :no:

Mar 13, '09, 1:06 AM
Man, I loved my Rescue Rig.

Truly a GREAT vehicle !!!

Mar 13, '09, 3:00 AM
I think I saw these in the stores as a kid, but they never had much appeal to me, they still don't, don't know why

Mar 13, '09, 6:18 AM
I always love the Big Jim line but with Big Jim and Big Josh becoming pirates I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere :wink_y:

Mar 13, '09, 6:36 AM
I love the European stuff and have things now which I never saw as a kid.

Mar 13, '09, 8:17 AM
I find it interesting that Spain replaced Big Jeff w/ Big Jack. Anyway, those accessory sets are really cool! I wish I had those!

Mar 13, '09, 9:49 AM
Those are pretty cool looking figures. I Really Like that Rescue Rig :beaming1:

Mar 13, '09, 10:01 AM
im all about Big Jim Pack items at the moment just paid a hugely insane amount of cash for a mint in box Torpedo Fist.love this line

Mar 13, '09, 2:09 PM
be sure to check out this great site:[/FONT]


Looks to be a good forum. But is there a link to translate it into english? Don't speak Italian.


Mar 13, '09, 2:15 PM
I use Google translate to post in there, if you post in English, most of the guys will respond in english.

kingdom warrior
Mar 13, '09, 2:34 PM
Man that's awesome!!!!!

Mar 14, '09, 3:42 AM
I use Google translate to post in there, if you post in English, most of the guys will respond in english.



Mar 16, '09, 5:29 PM
Hi at all!
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