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May 11, '07, 9:47 AM
Just got one of Gman's Captain Action sets and they look even better in person! Fantastic stuff!

Ironic how the Captain has gone from 12" and multi-identitied to 8" and single identitied; but still hobnobs with some of the guys he used to .... er.... be.

Very Zen.

Don C.

The Toyroom
May 11, '07, 1:12 PM
Ol' Cap was an early perpetrator of "identity theft". :biggrin:

May 11, '07, 2:24 PM
Captain Action! And his Mighty Closet of Wonder! And the young boy he forces to dress up with him!

The Toyroom
May 11, '07, 4:28 PM
^ And what's worse, in the DC Comic, Action Boy was Captain Action's son!

May 12, '07, 12:42 PM
Anyone have any extra CA, AB or DE mego sized heads available???

The Toyroom
May 12, '07, 1:59 PM
Check with Gman for the heads. And didn't Buk just post an Action Boy on the old forum?

May 14, '07, 6:36 PM
everybody must be gearing up for MEGOMEET as I havent gotten a response form GMAN and Buk said check back with him after the show.

May 14, '07, 9:35 PM
Is buk selling CA heads or did he say contact me after the megomeet?

Aug 14, '07, 7:16 PM
Are you still offering the Captain Action Heads?

I'd probably like to get a couple of each from you.

Are they unpainted Resin, or do you offer them painted as well?