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Jun 27, '07, 9:04 PM
Thank you very much for putting Caesar up as the Spot light! Its an honor to be recognised in such a way when I'm just getting started with Customs.

Of course ALL the credit goes to Yanouli and Theressa. All I really did was paint the head, put it all together and take crappy pictures!:biggrin:

All of the Customisers inspire us average collectors to try our favorite figures, I just hope someday I can make real customs like so many of you do.

There is a post on one of the other boards asking why we collect Megos. I started with getting my childhood toys back, but once I found this place and everyone here, I can't get enough of that Mego Goodness!

Thanks again, Jim

Jun 28, '07, 3:18 AM
Congrats again on the spotlight, Jim. Looking forward to seeing more of your work